How to transform worn concrete paths

A facelift for worn concrete paths

When concrete paths around your home become worn from extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear, then it is time to consider a complete face lift. The question is – how best to achieve that objective with the least expense and inconvenience. Traditionally it would simply mean either re-concreting over the existing damaged concrete surface with all the dirt and time that involves or alternatively clearing the pathways of the old covering of concrete and replacing it with a new carpet of fresh concrete. Either way it will be a time consuming process producing debris and mess and causing some upheaval in the process. There is a different and instant solution that is cleaner, more cost effective and longer lasting and that is reinstate the path with the help of Power Grab N Bond. Simply attach stone or precast concrete  slabs to the existing surface without any of the excavation, chaos, temporary eyesore or materials associated with the historical method.

The best universal grab and bond solution

The immediate question is – how do you attach or install the slabs? The solution comes in the form of a new revolutionary heavy duty adhesive Power Grab N Bond which allows for the bonding of all contact surfaces. This bonding formula is the is the brainchild of CTec and accounts for one of a number of Adhesive products that they manufacture for the Construction Industry. This product will provide a strong bonding between the slab and the existing concrete path. Of course it is important to have the concrete well prepared and as clean as possible to provide optimal adhesion and a solid flat base for the slab installation. The many plausible features of this unique adhesive ensure that the new paths of stone or precast concrete slabs will create a new focus in the garden and around the home. New life will be introduced with a visually appealing rejuvenated pathway creating an ambience of welcome and  warmth.

Incredible features of an effective adhesive

The attraction of outdoor family living will be fomented and enhanced by replacing the old tired look with a new attractive updated one. The installation of the slabs can be accomplished by someone with a little DIY experience which will save on costs. The only tools required are an angle grinder for cutting some of the slabs to size and a tape measure. The Power Grab N Bond is applied straight from the tube on to the slabs using a sealant gun. Four or five strips of the adhesive should be adequate to adhere the slab to the concrete base beneath. This adhesive has uniquely strong grip and bonding qualities which ensure the slab will never move once laid in place. It does however remain flexible for a while so that the slab can be manoeuvred into the desired position before the adhesive cures completely. Once the bond is applied to the slab it is pressed firmly down into position taking care to keep it level and square. They can be laid tightly to one another to form a uniform closed look, which is probably best for this job as it avoids having to point open joints. CTec’s fixing agent will take care of the rest. This Health and Safety compliant adhesive will resist chemicals, UV rays and all extremes of temperatures and weather rendering a unique bond that even a hammer cannot separate.                                           

The reconditioned paths will provide years of enjoyment to all who use them and will generate and add an aesthetic beauty to the garden whilst enhancing the overall appearance of the surrounding area.


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