Tips for Using Construction Adhesives like CT1

If you are going to be using construction adhesives for certain projects, it’s important to know exactly how to use your product. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, knowing these tips can help make your life a lot easier and reduce processing/labour time in the process.

Mastic Guns

Most construction sealants and adhesives require a mastic gun to apply the sealant or adhesive. Thankfully, you can avoid this hassle by opting for the CT1 No Gun option. This new development makes applying adhesives so much easier because you no longer need a cartridge gun to apply the product. Simple take the cartridge and apply straight from the bottle!

Preparing the Area

Construction adhesives require a clean and tidy surface before application. If you notice bits of paint, old sealant, silicone or adhesives etc. it is important to remove this before laying down a new application. Take a knife or blade and pry the substance from the base material. If you find that it simply won’t budge, spray some solvent onto the area and allow it a few moments to work its way into the area. It won’t be long before you can simply pry old sealants and silicone apart.

Finishing Joints

After you have finished applying your adhesive and bonding your materials together, you may need help finishing the joints. Uneven finishes can be an unsightly mess, which is why most people seek out C-TEC’s Multisolve to help finish adhesive joints to provide a smooth and clean finish.

Clean Edges

Many people struggle to achieve nice clean edges when they apply construction adhesive. It can be difficult to keep a still hand and apply the product at the same time, which is why many professionals have a helping hand in the form of masking tape. Place the tape where you need it, being careful to make it as straight and neat as possible. This makes it easier to cover the areas you don’t want to apply the adhesive whilst ensuring you achieve a nice clean finish once the adhesive has cured.

Weather Resistant

If you need to use a construction adhesive outside, it has to be able to withstand the elements. CT1 from C-TEC is weather proof and can withstand high temperatures, low climates, strong winds, heavy rain, snow and ice. This makes it the best quality adhesive to use for exterior purposes. It also works in both dry and wet conditions. Traditional construction adhesives require a dry surface before application. However, you can apply CT1 whenever and wherever you need too. It even works under water, which is why it has been named the ultimate bath sealant for underwater applications.

Practice First

Before you attempt a large project with your construction adhesive, it may be wise to test a few areas with the sealant first. Try a few beads out and practice application before moving onto the final one. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and help you to decide exactly how much product you need for your specific application.

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