How to Tile your Bathroom Walls: A DIY Guide

Bathroom walls need water resistant tiles and sealants to form a waterproof barrier. Creating this barrier is quite easy, as long as you have the right tools for the job. Before you begin, make sure you know exactly how many tiles you need for the given space. You will also need the right equipment to form a water-resistant barrier underneath the tiles and this is the first step towards successfully tiling your bathroom walls.

Preparing the Surface

Before you begin tanking your bathroom, you will need to prepare the area by cleaning debris and removing things like dust, oil, grease, silicone, tar, sealants, adhesives and printing ink etc. Thankfully, C-TEC has the perfect range of products to prepare, tank and tile your bathroom walls. Multisolve is a unique and multi-purpose solvent that safely detaches substances from base materials without damaging or causing additional stains to emerge.

Waterproofing behind the Tiles

WT1 is used to repair, waterproof and seal roofs, floors and walls etc. It is seen as the ultimate replacement for unnecessary roof bitumen membranes and provides an excellent source of adhesion to even the most difficult to bond materials. These include brick, stone, polyester, lead, metal, plastic and concrete.

WT1 embodies a unique formulated compound that combines both polymer and polyurethane. It is important to waterproof behind the tiles of your bathroom. This ensures that no excess moisture and water enters the structure of the wall. This can weaken the structure and cause cracks to emerge over time.

Another major advantage of WT1 is the fact that it will never shrink or crack. In addition to tanking bathroom walls, WT1 is also used to repair, seal and waterproof sloping roofs and flat roofs. It can also be used on concrete balconies, floors and terraces. But what makes WT1 perfect for tiling your bathroom walls is the fact that enables the attachment of suitable substrates, which means you can accurately attach tiles to the wall’s surface.

Adhering Tiles to your Bathroom Walls

CT1 is a construction sealant and adhesive that is perfect for bonding glass or ceramic tiles to bathroom walls. It is a reliable adhesive with immense strength and durability. It is 100% water resistant and will not shrink or crack. This means it will help to prevent cracks from occurring on the tiles in the future due to excess moisture. It also prevents fungal growth, which is a necessary to adhere bathroom tiles since mould tends to grow and multiply in damp conditions. You can apply CT1 straight from the cartridge. There’s no need to dry the surface area prior to its application because this unique adhesive works in wet and dry conditions. It even works under water and can be used to seal baths, showers and sinks etc.


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