The Ultimate Structural Sealant

The revolutionary CT1 Sealant is the Ultimate Structural Sealant for many reasons, but first let us explore the criteria a Structural Sealant should fulfil before it awards itself the name of a Structural Sealant.

i)                    The Structural Sealant should have the ability to adhere to almost all surfaces.
ii)                  The Sealant will not shrink over time and therefore will not detach from the base material, thus preventing leaking or lack of air tightness.
iii)                A Structural Sealant should give a high level of flexibility even under heavy movement of materials.
iv)                A Structural Sealant should have extremely high bonding characteristics to perform like an adhesive.
v)                  A Sealant that has excellent resistance to U.V. light.
vi)                A Structural Sealant that, when exposed to the elements will not shrink, crack or deteriorate.

There are several more criteria’s that a Sealant must fulfil but these are more than enough to be dealing with. The unique CT1 Sealant and Construction Adhesive will fulfil all of these demands and a lot more making it the Ultimate Structural Sealant, WHY?

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer formulation with no petro chemicals in its make-up this results in it being 100% V.O.C. with a food related accreditation. CT1 will not shrink, crack or deteriorate and can be applied on wet surfaces, even underwater.

CT1 Sealant has a formidable bond on most materials, in fact not only is it the Ultimate Structural Sealant but also the Ultimate Construction Adhesive.

For even heavier applications in vertical bonding refer to our Power Grab n Bond.

In many circumstances the tradesman will use various different types of sealant to perform a combination of different tasks E.g. silicone, acrylic, polysulphide and P.U structural sealants. CT1 Structural Sealant will replace all of these with none of the disadvantages like shrinking, cracking, lack of adherence solvent base, not paintable and several more. Another big advantage of CT1 Structural Sealant is that it is odourless excellent especially in confined areas where with other sealants that are epoxy based will fill the area with a strong vapour. In addition these structural sealants are impossible to structure (spread) due to their molecular formulation. CT1 Structural Sealant can be spread with ease making it the ultimate filler. CT1 Structural Sealant has a fantastic chemical resistance e.g. fuel, oil, solvents and alkaline thus ensuring the life of a repair on installation.

CT1 ticks all the boxes for THE ULTIMATE STRUCTURAL SEALANT! © Copyright.