The Ultimate Construction Adhesive

Without contradiction, Power Grab N Bond is the Ultimate Construction Adhesive available on the market that puts all the conventional construction adhesives in the shade. This is a big statement but with just cause. Let’s take a quick look at the construction adhesives available on the market presently to give you a clearer idea of Power Grab N Bond’s ranking in the mix.

The epoxy family of construction adhesives are two component adhesives that have to be mixed in the exact ratios. The two components of these adhesives are a resin and a hardener (catalyst). In many cases, these types of adhesives provide a moderate to good bond between two materials. However, these types of adhesives are very dated in their technology, application and performance.

For example, (as already outlined) the two components have to be mixed in the exact ratio and this differs considerably depending on what type of adhesive is used. The mix could be 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50. These construction adhesives are also very slow to cure, in many cases taking up to seven days. The two component adhesives also lack flexibility which is a real disadvantage as base materials have an element of movement due to temperature change. In addition, the conventional construction adhesives do not provide sufficient bond strength in some applications.

C-Tec the creators of the unique CT1 sealant and construction adhesive have developed the Ultimate Construction Adhesive Power Grab N Bond. This unique development was fastened from the base structure of CT1 being a hybrid polymer to create a chemical compound to react like no other product before it. This construction adhesive will create an immediate attachment even with extreme loads. For example, a tile or flag weighing 15kg measuring 300m x 300m can adhere to virtually any surface and in any position. Simply apply the recommended amount of the construction adhesive and place directly onto a vertical substance. You will have an immediate bond with no sliding or the need for additional fixings. It is truly an amazing construction adhesive!

Power Grab N Bond is such a versatile construction adhesive with the ability to bond a multitude of materials on different applications and situations such as bonding wood to metal, stone to stone, brick to concrete, metal to metal, lead to brick, concrete to concrete, metal to stone, the possibilities are endless.

The conception is that such a ground breaking technical product would be complicated to use but it is the opposite. This construction adhesive is packed into a standard 310mm tube that fits into a standard caulking whereupon the Power Grab ‘N’ Bond Adhesive can be simply applied onto base material.450mm bead of adhesive is recommended to each kilo of weight. This amazing construction adhesive will eliminate the need for drilling and fixing on mechanical bolts. It is truly ground breaking.

Power Grab ‘N’ Bond, The Ultimate Construction Adhesive


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