The quickest way to stop a leak in a domestic radiator.

There are two perspectives on this problem. You could consider yourself fortunate that the leak is in a visible and very accessible part of your home heating system or on the other hand feel  resentment at the potential costly solution of having to replace the leaking radiator with a new model, incurring additional labour costs. Once the leak is detected it requires immediate repair to avoid flooding  and possible damage to flooring. The problematic radiator will have to be turned off and will be of no further use as a heating generator until the problem is resolved. The only effective alternative is to find a sealant that will fix the radiator leak internally avoiding the task of removing and replacing it with a new replacement model. By deploying this solution you could save time and money, however this presents the key issue of sourcing a sealant product that is both effective and safe. There are proprietary sealants on the market that tick the efficiency criteria but fail to comply with safety standards. This is necessarily an essential component in the sealant formulation since protection of the integrity of the heating system is paramount. There needs to be a lubricant element in the product to protect the mechanical working parts and seals in the system and it needs to be able to withstand considerable pressure and remain effective as a permanent repair solution. The question remains – is there a sealant product available that complies fully with all the requisite criteria necessary for a positive  outcome?

An amazing new product seals efficiently, safely and permanently.

The Construction Industry and DIY sector are delighted with the arrival on the market of a new revolutionary sealant that seals effectively, safely and permanently under pressure. The brainchild of C Tec, who have developed a range of very successful sealants and adhesives for the Construction sector, Miracle Seal has quickly become the go to solution for water leak repairs in heating and cooling systems. This amazing product has also gained exceptional traction in the DIY sector and is hailed as a revolutionary sealant with a unique formulation. It dispenses with the costly time consuming option of replacing the leaking radiator. This viscous brown sealant comes in a handy bottle and can be poured directly into the radiator after shaking it for sixty seconds to ensure the liquid is fluid and smooth. The results are instant as Miracle Seal gets to work in providing a permanent seal to the water leak. Its unique formulation contains lubricant to protect the working mechanical parts of the heating system and circulation pump seals and forms a sealing coat throughout the pipework, preempting any potential future leaks in the system. It is the ideal solution for an instant remedy to a leaking domestic radiator. This astounding product actually future proofs heating systems against potential leaks going forward. It is also designed to work under pressure and has a high resistance – which makes it ideal for many leak repair applications, even fixing leaks in engine cooling systems. A quick and effective solution to water leaks, Miracle Seal has now become an essential part of every plumber’s working kit – a container always at hand to resolve those unforeseen water leak situations.

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