The quickest way to fix a leak in a Church’s heating system.

When a leak occurs in a Church’s heating system it may be either concealed or overt. Leaks in concealed pipes are difficult to fix due to lack of accessibility. The traditional remedy is to patiently investigate, persevere and find the exact source of the leak. If concealed in a wall or beneath the floor tell tale signs such as damp or oozing patches will indicate the general area where the leak is sprung forcing excavation to find the offending leaking pipe. A leaking water pump would be much more easy to access and it could be fixed in different ways depending on the leak source. Either way fixing the leak is an expensive process – the wall leak being labour intensive to repair and the pump being expensive to mend with replacement parts or complete overhaul. At some point someone asks the question – is there not an easier more efficient solution? Until recently the answer came back in the negative forcing traditional methods of repair which as we have already indicated are time consuming, messy and not cost effective. Thankfully a Company by the name of CT1 have developed a wonderfully efficient sealant that seals all leaks permanently and embodies the perfect sealant product. There is no mess no excavating nor labour intensive repairs required and that is a blessing for the Church authorities.

A new sealant is ideal remedy for leaking heating systems.

After years of having to dig up floors and rip open walls to find offending central heating leaks, a new revolutionary sealant to replace all other methods of repair, has been developed and manufactured by CT1. This dynamic and entrepreneurial company has added another amazing sealant product to its illustrious inventory of very successful adhesives and sealants designed with the Construction Industry in mind. They were conceived as products fit for purpose in a construction environment and have lived up to that expectation since. Miracle Seal cures leaks instantly without having to break into walls or dig up floors. The brownish brackish solution comes in a bottle. All you have to do to apply this solution is – shake the bottle for a minute or two and then pour it into the heating system. It not only seals the leak but coats the whole heating system in a protective cover that mitigates against and indeed prevents potential leaks in the future. That is how powerfully effective Miracle Seal actually is as an ideal solution for fixing a leak in a Church’s central heating system. Endorsed by plumbers as the ‘go to’ sealant for all plumbing leaks, its non adhesive based unique formulation means that it fixes leaks without clogging the system or damaging the mechanical parts. It is compatible with all antifreeze and other inhibitors and works efficiently on both metal and plastic pipes with equal effect. Miracle Seal is exactly what its name suggests, has anti corrosive components and can resist very high pressure with no compromise on its product integrity. The Church’s leaking central heating system will work fluidly with a Miracle Seal treatment and without the congregation even being aware of the problem.

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