The quickest way to attach door frames.

The quickest way to attach door frames is to glue them in place with a tried and tested hybrid polymer bonding solution that works effectively as a permanent replacement for nails and screws. That is a very challenging proposition for sceptics who have already tried adhesives that failed to meet the task. The reality of finding an adhesive that will effectively replace nails has seemed so far off for joiners for such a long time. They want to embrace and endorse a bonding product that will effectively stick door frames to walls, dispensing with the need for any other fixings. That would literally mean no more drilling, plugging, screwing or hammering nails into wood frames and grounds. It would replace labour intensive manual work with product application at the touch of a finger on an automatic dispenser.  You could glue door frames to block walls and securely mounted cavity closers with total effect and little effort. Saving time and money. The only obstacle to that utopian dream is lack of a credible adhesive product. That situation has been transformed with the development of a revolutionary adhesive/sealant specifically designed for the Construction Industry.

A unique adhesive solution has arrived.

A unique adhesive solution has been developed and manufactured by a dynamic adhesive/sealant Company who are credited with the invention of a family of very successful adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry. The eponymous bonding agent CT1 has quickly become the ‘go to’ adhesive/sealant product for industrial and construction operatives across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its exponential growth in popularity as the adhesive of choice for a rapidly expanding product fan base is testament to its powerful application and unique formulation designed to provide trades people with a truly versatile and effective bonding agent. Its primary quality is its amazing grab and high tensile strength, though it possesses a list of properties that tick all the boxes for a revolutionary new adhesive discovery. Among its numerous properties are : an ability to be spread under water, creating a watertight seal; prevention of corrosion when in contact with metal; a resistance to UV, vibration, oil, solvents and alkalines; non toxic and 100% odourless and non aggressive on synthetic materials. This solvent free adhesive/sealant which is resistant to fungal growth can also be painted. These product qualities make CT1 the perfect adhesive solution for securely and permanently fixing door frames in place.