The most effective paint remover

When defining the most effective paint remover, there are certain criteria that have to be fulfilled to achieve that perfect product definition. The product must comply 100% with the criteria and prove its category worthiness through proven capability and efficiency. If looking for such a product among the traditional paint removal solutions you may be disappointed with what you find. None qualify as either being completely safe or completely effective as they all have defects in both respects. The traditional methods of removing paint include Solvents, Heat Treatment and Mechanical. Solvents are not safe as they are extremely harsh and toxic. The vapour emissions can cause respiratory problems and stinging eyes and the caustic solvent formulation can damage the material surface. Heat Treatment, which is a slow process, can scorch the material base and in the case of wood can create a smoke issue with burning eyes and breathing problems. It is a laborious task that requires lots of patience. Mechanical means such as manual or power sanding have their own drawbacks with dust production that also creates respiratory issues. This, like the other traditional methods of paint removal, is a very time consuming procedure that is neither cost effective or safe. This then begs the question – is there a safe effective paint removal product out there that covers all the bases and provides the perfect solution?

A new invention to make paint removal simple and safe.

To the absolute delight and relief of the Construction Industry and trade painters in particular, a revolutionary paint removal product has been developed by C Tec specifically for the Construction Industry. Peel Tec has been in the research and development stage for some time and has finally come to fruition to service a paint sector who were waiting patiently for a failsafe solution to safe and effective paint removal. This incredible product is receiving amazing reviews from Distributors and Painters alike as the most effective paint removal solution on the market. They fully endorse the product, affirming its claims as most effective in complying totally with a stringent set of criteria defining a super safe and efficient paint removal formulation. Peel Tec is Methyl Chloride free, which is a very reassuring feature of the formulation for a growing safety conscious consumer population. From a technical perspective Peel Tec is a very advanced solution that dissolves the paint practically on application into a peel away residue. It is easily applicable with no mess or over delivery of product. Within ten minutes it can be peeled away quite effortlessly to leave a clinically clean surface that is ready for a smooth new coat of paint. This fast efficient paint remover is fast becoming the Painter’s handy mate ‘de rigueur’. It comes in a convenient aerosol with a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of product to the exact spot with no drips or overflow. Peel Tec definitely qualifies as the most effective paint remover.

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