The latest most effective paint stripper.

For a paint stripping product to be effective it should remove layers of paint quickly, cleanly and safely with no visible damage to the target material surface. Use of traditional paint removal methods such as solvents prove extremely harsh and at times caustic. The accompanying vapour and fumes emissions are not compelling factors for embracing this method of paint removal. One of the prerequisites for safety precaution is assurance that the product is Methyl Chloride free, an element in the formulation which mitigates against inherent health dangers for operatives and third parties.  Other tried and tested means of paint stripping share some of the solvent inadequacies whilst presenting their own shortcomings. For example, heat treatment is a slow burn activity with potential scorch damage to the material surface producing unpleasant smoke and fume emissions that can be harmful. Blowtorch use has even caused surface burning and smoke emissions, particularly with wood, and does not provide a clean paint-ready surface. Mechanical methods, including manual and electrical sanders, prove to be a tedious method of paint removal that is labour intensive and produces clouds of dust that can generate discomfort to the respiratory system and cause stinging eyes. A new innovative paint stripper is required to provide a safe and effective method of paint stripping that can be embraced wholeheartedly by the Construction Industry and paint sector in particular.

A new paint stripper overcomes the flaws of similar products

The latest most effective paint stripper to become available to the consumer public has just been developed by C Tec, the manufacturer and provider of successful sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry. After a period of intense research and development they have produced a paint stripper that ticks all the requisite boxes for a safe and effective solution for paint removal. The product is Peel Tec, a Methyl Chloride free formulation that gets the job done efficiently in quick fashion. Its endorsement by the construction Industry, for whom it was specifically developed, is testament to its growing popularity as the painter’s handy mate of choice. This practically odourless solution is delivered via a unique nozzle that directs the right amount of product to the exact spot. With no overspill it provides a clean spray gel application to the target area so it can set to work immediately on stripping the paint. Peel Tec comes in a handy aerosol container and once applied degrades the paint within ten minutes allowing the residual melt to be easily removed with a scraper. It is a non messy task that can be completed quickly to reveal a pristine surface that is well prepared for a new coat of paint. This formulation does not cause any damage to the material surface ensuring you have a clinically clean base for the smooth application of a fresh coat of paint.

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