The best way to tighten loose chair stretchers.

When chair stretchers become loose it is possible to repair them. If left too long they can break at the joint and then need replacing – a difficult task. Wood glue would have been used to glue them tightly in place when they were being made but unfortunately it degrades in low humid conditions and eventually disintegrates leaving a loose stretcher. Besides being annoying a loose rattling stretcher will eventually break. You can tighten and repair the stretchers successfully with a superglue that is impervious to prevailing conditions and will not shrink over time. Theoretically that is the default position but there are a number of superglues available that do not tick all the performance criteria that you would expect. It is essential to find one that is super strong, solvent free, is least toxic, provides a lasting solution and is compatible with the material being used so there is no surface damage during or after the superglue application. That is the challenge when looking for an effective and safe adhesive to tighten loose chair stretchers which raises the question – is there one ideal super performing gluing product out there?

A specially formulated superglue is the ultimate gluing solution.

In answer to the question we have posed ourselves, there is one excellent superglue out there that has gained the confidence of countless operatives across a range of industries and businesses not just in the UK and Ireland but also throughout Norway and Spain. It has quickly become the de facto number one superglue in the construction industry, such are its inherent qualities – thanks to a unique product formulation. The brain child of the dynamic CT1, who have developed a range of very successful sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry, Superfast Plus has taken the adhesive market by storm providing a gluing solution that does what it says on the tin. This ethyl cyanoacrylate Monomer is solvent free and bonds on a molecular level with instant grab and sheer tensile strength. These are the chief qualities of the product but by no means the only ones. Superfast Plus is the least toxic superglue available and is a multi tasked product thanks to its compatibility with practically all materials. It glues without damaging the surface of the target material and forms a lasting bond that does not shrink and is resistant to temperature and atmospheric fluctuations. Its multiple applications across a large range of industries and businesses stretches to the domestic and household environment where its qualities are appreciated by a growing consumer population of adherents. Superfast Plus comes in differing bottle sizes with an applicator attachment that allows precise delivery of the product in the small quantities required to do the job effectively. Once applied carefully to the chair stretcher joint the stretcher will be tightened into position.

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