The best way to strip paint from a Picture Rail

The undoubted best way to strip paint from a Picture Rail is to apply an effective paint removal solution that does the job quickly, efficiently and safely leaving a clinically clean surface for the application of a new coat of paint. It is a common enough mistake to assume that you can repaint the Picture Rail without removing previous layers of paint. Many DIY activists may simply paint over the existing layers of paint to freshen up the look of the rail but in reality that is a short -sighted solution to a repaint task. To restore the picture to its original integrity and smooth decorative finish you have to start form a clean base. That means stripping back the paint to a clinically clean surface so it will receive a new coat of paint with no perceptible streaking or blemishes. Whatever method of paint stripping is envisaged it is imperative to ensure that it is not only effective but also safe. Current methods according to the professional painter/decorator guild are unfortunately neither efficient nor safe and that is an inherently difficult hurdle to overcome. Whether you opt for heat treatment, the mechanical method or harsh solvents they all present issues for the operative – eye stinging smoke and fumes, pervasive respiratory tract irritating dust and noxious vapours that cause breathing problems as well as stinging eyes.They are all unsafe side effects of traditional methods of paint stripping and give rise to concern among would-be users. This leaves consumers and trades people in a bit of a quandary. What is the solution?

A new inventive paint stripper ticks all the requisite boxes

The solution to the question concerning the best way to strip paint from a picture rail lies in the recent development of a paint stripping product by CTec. That product, Peel Tec, is gaining increasing traction among professionals in the painting and decorating sector who have become product advocates for this amazing paint stripping solution. It is the latest invention to join the successful C Tec inventory of sealants and adhesives that has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry. Its technical credentials are crowned by a safe formulation which is Methyl Chloride free and resonates with consumers who are very wary of unsafe products. Peel Tec is packaged in an aerosol container that is handy to use. You can deliver the right amount of solution to the target surface via a unique nozzle and see it eat corrosively into the paint within ten minutes. Removing the detritus is simply a matter of peeling it away to reveal a clean undamaged base perfectly prepared for a new coat of paint. Your picture rail can be restored to its original decorative state by starting with a clean surface before applying any paint. That way you can avoid streaking or imperfections to give you the desired result.

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