The best way to stop stairs creaking

There is nothing more annoying and distracting than creaking stairs. To the lay person who understands little about the stair construction it can seem an unassailable hurdle to overcome. The instant solution and nightmare scenario might appear to be replacing the stairs completely – such a radical and expensive solution that would be stressful both from a practical and cost perspective. The problem of the creaking stairs could remain unresolved and be deferred indefinitely. In this situation it is wise to consult the stair manufacturer who can supply a much simpler and effective solution to creaking treads. An efficient adhesive applied to where the inner stair tread joint with the stair structure can eliminate the problem within minutes. There are a number of adhesive products such as wood glues that have been used traditionally to tighten loose stair treads but unfortunately the glue dries out and erodes leaving loose joints and  creaking stairs once again. It is essential to find an adhesive product that possesses a high grab factor and produces a high tensile strength bond that is resistant to erosion and shrinkage, is solvent free and can withstand extreme conditions such as severe temperature and humidity fluctuations. It should also be non toxic, environmentally friendly and compatible with the material in question so no damage is caused to adjacent surfaces. The question is – does such an adhesive product exist? The answer in short is – yes!

A revolutionary new adhesive proves a universal bonding solution.

CT1, the dynamic inventor, developer and manufacturer of a very successful and illustrious family of adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry have produced the eponymous CT1 adhesive/sealant as their flagship product. Aptly described as the snag list eliminator this amazing adhesive solution is compatible with practically all materials and provides a bond that is actually stronger than the material itself. Designed with the Construction industry in mind CT1 has multiple applications across a wide range of industries and businesses as well as household and domestic bonding tasks. Its unique formulation endows it with qualities that exceed any other adhesive on the market. As a solvent free bonding agent it is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations remaining stable and efficient in wet and under water conditions. Combined with its high tensile strength, its instant grab ability and fast curing provide a permanent bonding solution that is non toxic, environmentally friendly, odourless and safe – it is compatible with all material surfaces and will not stain or damage adjacent surfaces. This is the ideal adhesive product for gluing stair treads to the stair strings and resolving the creaking steps syndrome. It comes in a convenient container with an applicator nozzle that delivers the exact amount of product required to the precise location so there is no overload and product wastage. This miraculous adhesive provides a permanent bonding solution that ensures you will not have to revisit the problem again.

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