The best way to stick ceiling boards.

The undoubted best way to stick ceiling boards quickly, cleanly and effectively is to deploy a tried and tested hybrid polymer based adhesive/sealant that sticks and seals simultaneously to provide an efficient bonding solution. Attaching ceiling boards can present quite an awkward challenge considering you are working overhead in an uncomfortable position. Deploying traditional tactics such as pins or custom nails unsurprisingly leaves unsightly marks on the ceiling boards which are difficult to conceal and can spoil the cosmetic symmetry. There are adhesive alternatives but none until recently that performed the task 100%. Product safety has been an issue where the adhesive caused blemishes or stains on the boards and any effective solution would have to possess qualities that included resistance to synthetic materials, chemicals and surface damage. Lack of permanent bonding strength has posed a product problem and that is the first essential requirement of any potential adhesive – it must have instant grab and cure to a high tensile strength. There are other elements that need to be considered including its safety and environmental credentials and their consequence for an indoor application. The question is – does the right adhesive/sealant solution exist? In short – yes – thanks to the development of a new revolutionary product by CT1 – the home of a family of very successful adhesives and sealants designed with the Construction Industry in mind.

A new adhesive/sealant product is ideal for sticking ceiling boards.

CT1, the uniquely formulated adhesive/sealant from the Company of the same name, is the ideal solution and the best way to stick ceiling boards safely, effectively and cleanly with no visible signs of attachment. Firstly, this amazing sealant/adhesive has instant grab and super strength to provide a lasting effective bond that will maintain the ceiling integrity. As a solvent free and UV resistant bonding agent it will not shrink or disintegrate, ensuring the ceiling boards remain firmly in place on a permanent basis to provide a uniform aesthetically pleasing ceiling surface. CT1 is compatible with almost all materials and can adhere ceiling boards to ceiling joists with consummate ease and efficiency. To deliver the solution you simply apply beads of product strategically to the ceiling boards by pressing lightly on a fingertip sensitive applicator which supplies the right amount of adhesive solution and firmly press the boards into position. The most seemingly illogical trait of this product is its ability to be flexible while producing a bond that is as tough and even tougher than the material itself. That allows manoeuvrability of the boards into the desired position before the CT1 sets completely. Complete curing can take some time but the adhesive’s strong initial grab keeps the boards securely in place until it dries out. Its constituent elements prevents fungal growth, possesses resistance to vibration and accepts a coat of paint. It is the ideal stand alone solution for sticking ceiling boards.