The best way to remove paint from Wood Fencing.

Wood Fencing can lose its attractive appearance if the paint finish becomes lack-lustre or even cracked. This can be the result of very hot or harsh weather conditions over a period of time, with the only resolution being a new coat of paint. If only it were as simple as that – I hear you say and with some justification. The first step in this task is removing the old paint and there a number of options for doing so – unfortunately not all totally effective,safe or time efficient. The most common procedure historically is probably heat treatment with the use of a blow torch and scraper – a time consuming process. An alternative method is paint stripper, a potentially toxic, messy and repetitive process that can be both labour intensive and a lengthy operation. A third solution that is very time consuming and therefore uneconomical is the mechanical removal of paint with manual or power sanders with all the inherent dust emissions. Combined these procedures have never provided a satisfactory answer to the problem of removing unwanted stubborn layers of paint and that situation has only exacerbated the frustrations of trade painters who would dearly love to see a more effective method of getting rid of old worn paint from any material.

The new solution to remove paint from wood fencing has arrived

The wishes of painters for a revolutionary solution to remove paint from wood fencing have been granted. An amazing paint removal product has been developed with the Construction Industry in mind. It is revolutionary and provides a solution that is simultaneously safe and effective. Peel Tec has been developed by C Tec to fill the void and to provide the painting trade with a paint remover that actually does what it says on the aerosol. As it says on the tin, it removes paint from multiple surfaces safely, quickly and effectively and is another successful addition to the growing inventory of C Tec products for the Building Trade. It joins their Snag List Eliminator Inventory of sealants and adhesives that have put C Tec firmly on the map of top product supplier to the UK, Irish and European Construction Industry. Their latest invention which is the result of a lengthy research and development process, is both safe and effective, getting the job done in a fraction of the time normally taken by inefficient alternative methods. Peel Tec is the magical product from C Tec that is transforming the paint removal process. Its application is quite straightforward with the spray delivery of the product onto the wood fencing via a unique nozzle which dispenses the right amount to the desired area. The spray gel sets to work immediately enabling peel away of the resulting residue within ten minutes, revealing a clean surface that is receptive to a new coat of paint. A truly magical formulation for removing paint from multiple surfaces. It is also Methyl Chloride free which resonates with the Paint and Decorating sector as a real safety boost for operatives and third parties alike.

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