The best way to remove paint from a wooden table

A perennial problem faced by painters is how to remove paint effectively from any object before applying a new coat. The painting process can be ineffective and worthless if not applied to a clinically clean surface that will receive the paint willingly and smoothly. This is relevant when restoring a wooden table to its original decorative state as the preparation is crucial in dictating the success or otherwise of the restorative process. There are a number of traditional methods of removing paint but they all have certain drawbacks such as safety and damage to the target material surface. Heat treatment and use of a Blowtorch can cause scorching and produce eye stinging fumes while mechanical methods such as sanding, manual and electrical, produce dust that can cause respiratory problems. Solvents are a harsh way to remove paint. All these paint removal methods are labour intensive and quite slow which means they are not economical. It is vital that you search for and find the most effective and safest paint stripping agent to do the job efficiently and quickly so that your table is ready for a new coat of restorative paint.

A cost effective efficient way to remove paint quickly and safely

A product that is equal to the task has recently arrived on the market. Developed specifically for the Construction Industry by C Tec this revolutionary paint remover is gaining traction as the paint remover de rigueur for the Paint and Decorating sector.  Some recent Twitter feeds have been extolling the virtues of this amazing new paint remover solution that is straight out of the company’s inventory of Snag List Eliminators. To quote one particular enthusiast, “I had nearly given up hope on this table after sanding for hours. Then tried Peel Tec, et voila! All ready to be varnished now!” Now you know exactly what to do in restoring your own table to its former decorative glory.

This speaks volumes about a revolutionary paint remover that actually “does what it says on the Tin”. This versatile product is literally taking the construction market by storm. It breathes new life into a sector where professional trade painters and decorators were literally holding their breath for the arrival of a revolutionary paint removal solution that would make their job much easier, faster and more effective. C Tec’s latest invention in the sealant and adhesive business is putting a smile on painters’ faces as they happily embrace this transformative product that makes light work of the paint removal process.This new product has consigned the old tried and tested methods to the past with a solution that provides effective, fast and safe removal of old paint with no detrimental side effects or surface damage.

Peel Tec is Methyl Chloride free, a feature protecting the health of operatives and third parties and safeguards the base material from any damage whilst preparing the surface clinically for re-coating. The paint remover product comes in a handy aerosol with a unique trigger nozzle that allows the delivery of the exact amount of spray required. Within ten minutes the agent will react with the unwanted paint leaving a residue that can quickly be removed with a scraper. This works equally well on all materials including wood and metal with the same clinical efficiency. The product’s mantra of “Don’t burn it. Peel it.” applies to its effectiveness on multiple surfaces and will prepare your table for a new coat of paint that will transform its decorative appearance, restoring its original integrity. Your table can be restored to its former glory in a fraction of the time taken by other products.

With a simple application of the product to the table, let it do its work and scrape off the resulting residue with a scraper. Your table will be ready for a new coat of paint or varnish in no time, providing a time saving space for you to get on with other chores. This incredible paint remover joins the C Tec Product Range alongside another product that can be used in combination to provide that final polished clean clinical look to the material surface. Multisolve, a new multipurpose solvent, will dispense with any residual stains or film in quick fashion, particularly on metal bases, leaving a spotlessly clean surface. This is a further enhancing process that is not obligatory but presents an extremely effective solution in providing the final clean up.  Again it is a simple process of spray on and wipe off.  Peel Tec has dispensed with those unsafe and tedious methods of removing paint by providing a revolutionary formulation that completes the task effectively in a fraction of the time. It is experiencing an exponential growth in popularity in the painting and decorating sector.

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