The best way to remove paint from a wooden garden gate

A painted wooden garden gate provides an attractive cosmetic feature within a framework of walls, hedges or fences as the attention drawing entrance to your home. It is so impactful when fresh, new and decoratively painted that you would believe that its pristine art decor appearance is permanent. However, through exposure to the elements it eventually becomes worn and shoddy, unfortunately creating the opposite undesirable effect. The only solution is a repaint job which immediately induces a feeling of the heebie-jeebies, the nightmare of removing the existing layer or multilayers of paint. Painters, decorators and DIY enthusiasts historically all dread this time consuming exercice, that is until C Tec introduced Peel Tec to their Snag List Eliminator inventory. This brand new product waves goodbye to the hitherto tedious task and unsafe methods of removing worn paint and introduces an era of fast acting and safe paint removal requiring minimal effort. Traditional methods of paint removal including use of heat with a blow torch, mechanical methods deploying the manual scraper or electric sander and harsh solvents all presented  unsafe means. Collectively the historical methodology was neither safe nor economical, creating issues that needed urgent redress.

Much lauded best way to remove paint  is C Tec’s brainchild

C Tec stepped up to the plate with the development of a paint remover that is both effective and safe. Moreover, this revolutionary product is a much faster and labour saving paint remover than any of its competitor counterparts and testimonials to that effect are available from the many suppliers who are receiving such positive product feedback from their customer base. From a health perspective it is Methyl Chloride free – that means it does not contain a carcinogenic ingredient that health experts were so exercised about in other similar products. It possesses no dangerous vapours, is odour neutral and its gel structure makes it a very effective agent. It is presented in a 500ml aerosol container with a spray pattern of 8cm wide and is easily applied to the wooden garden gate, providing a cover area of .8m square.

The application of Peel Tec, the revolutionary paint remover, is a very simple process – you hold the aerosol above the application area of the garden gate and depress the unique nozzle to deliver the right amount of product onto the given surface. You will find that Peel Tec acts fast and incredibly you will see the paint peel away within ten minutes. The cleaning process is completely painless and time saving as you will experience when scraping off the residue. Thanks to its unique formulation your base material will not sustain any damage and your surface will be perfectly prepared for the new coat of paint. Its versatility on all types of surfaces is evident in its clinical proficiency and its safe deployment makes it a product that stands apart from the competition on all counts. You can restore your garden gate’s lustrous painted finish to its original glory with a little Peel Tec and little effort.

Remember that our mantra – Don’t burn it. Peel it – is based on customer experience feedback and not on some fanciful semantics born out of a marketing fancy. C Tec have gone the extra mile to ensure that Peel Tec is the solution to all your paint removal requirement.

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