The best way to remove paint from a metal patio table.

Metal Patio Tables vary in shape,style and size which will dictate how long it will take to remove the paint and replace it with a fresh coat. The whole process depends entirely on how efficient the paint removal solution is since an ineffectual product will only lead to a poor restorative paint application, defeating the whole purpose of a cosmetic and metal protection transformation process. Another aspect of the complexity of the task is to safeguard and retain the tables integrity as a piece of exterior furniture that is always on display on the patio or decking area as a functional table around which family and friends congregate to eat, drink and socialise. It is imperative to find the right product to remove the paint so a new coat of paint will restore its original appearance. The table being exposed to extreme weather conditions will probably require regular maintenance and new coats of paint with the necessity of prior paint removal a prerequisite for a repaint procedure. There are a number of traditional methods for removing paint but unfortunately none are either safe or completely effective. Solvents have proved harsh and are potentially harmful to the material base. Mechanical methods such as manual and electrical sanding are time consuming and produce noxious dust while the heat treatment ethod can scorch and burn the material surface causing respiratory problems and eye stinging effects. You will have to keep looking for a satisfactory product that is the best way to remove paint from a metal patio table.

A new very satisfactory paint removal solution has arrived.

You do not have to look any further for an efficient paint removal solution as C Tec have researched and developed an amazing new product that does the job effectively and safely in a fraction of the time. Peel Tec is creating a storm as the best paint removal product to come on the market. Lauded by the Construction Industry, for which it was specifically developed, as the most efficient paint remover that painters have experienced to date, this handy mate to the paint and decorating trade is transforming the task of paint removal from multiple surfaces. Its versatility and quick reaction with the paint means that the paint removal process is fast, efficient and safe with a clinically clean surface to accept a new coat of paint that is smooth and flawless. Peel Tec comes in a handy aerosol with a unique product delivery nozzle permitting the application of the right amount of product to the target area. It eats into the paint immediately leaving a peel away residue that can be scraped effortlessly away within ten minutes of application. The result is a perfectly clean material surface that is receptive to a fresh new coat of restorative paint.

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