The best way to remove paint from a metal handrail

When considering how best to remove paint from a metal handrail it is essential to look at all options and find the most effective solution. Whether the handrail is located at a private residence or in a more public arena the task of dislodging the old paint remains basically the same. The final outcome should be a clinically clean handrail surface with no blemishes or scores that is receptive to a new coat of paint  It needs to be smooth to the touch so it is safe to handle for those constantly using it. The key element to achieving the required paint finish is removing the old paint effectively by deploying a paint removal product that ticks all the required boxes. The first point of reference is to enquire if there is such a product available to the paint trade and consumer public. You will find quite a few choices, all with different degrees of efficiency and all belonging to the traditional methods of paint removal. The most obvious and shocking finding is that none of the existing methods are completely safe and many contain Methyl Chloride – a chemical that is known to present health dangers. The traditional methods include heat treatment, solvent use and mechanical sanders.

Heat treatment, including the use of a blowtorch, is painfully slow work and can cause scorching to the base material. It also creates smoke emission which can cause stinging eyes and respiratory discomfort. Solvent use is a very harsh method and is not safe. Some products can actually cause material surface damage as well as emitting unpleasant vapours so it is not a very satisfactory paint removal solution. Mechanical sanders, whether manual or electric also produce dust and are laboriously slow. That leaves you in a quandary as to what is the best solution currently.

A revolutionary paint remover has just been developed.

This is really a story with a silver lining thanks to the arrival of Peel Tec on the paint and decorating scene. This revolutionary paint removal product has won the acclaim of the Construction Industry for whom it was specifically researched and developed and the paint trade sector have fully endorsed it as an amazing product. This solution actually does what it says on the tin and does so safely. As a Methyl Chloride free formulation Peel Tec ticks the box for the most important product criteria safety. Combining safety with effectiveness, this paint removal solution rates very highly among the professional guild of painters and decorators and is fast becoming the painter’s handy mate ‘de rigueur’. It joins C Tec’s successful range of sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry and becomes an addition to C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator inventory. You may wonder why is it gaining such an illustrious reputation as the miracle paint remover. Every aspect of this product is thoughtfully designed to get the job done safely, quickly and efficiently. Its spray gel formulation is delivered from an aerosol container via a unique nozzle that directs the right amount of product to the exact surface area without overspill or mess. The solution gets to work immediately on the material surface, in this case the metal handrail, eating quickly into the layers of old paint and reducing them to a peel away residue which can be easily scraped away. Within ten minutes of application the residual detritus can be removed effortlessly to reveal a pristine, paint ready material surface. A new coat of paint can be applied safe in the knowledge that it is going onto a well prepared surface that will accept it smoothly and seamlessly. Peel Tec is certainly the quickest and most effective way to remove paint from a metal handrail.


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