The best way to fix a broken section of cast iron downpipe to a stone wall.

The best way to fix a broken section of cast iron downpipe to a stone wall is to deploy a construction adhesive that is capable of creating a bond that will last permanently unaffected by exterior conditions. Cast iron downpipe is a traditional type of pipe for directing rain water from guttering downwards towards ground level surface storm drains. It is a heavy material and would normally be secured to the wall with iron clamps. That process is time consuming and labour intensive involving drilling and plugging the holes with plastic rawl plugs or wooden grounds and screwing the clamped pipe to the wall. You still have to repair the broken section by finding a method of reattaching it to the rest of the downpipe. The faster and more effective alternative would be to find an effective heavy duty adhesive that would  bond the broken section back snugly in place and simultaneously adhere the same section to the stone wall – killing two birds with one stone – metaphorically speaking. The least invasive method would provide a more streamlined aesthetically pleasing solution and there are strong adhesives that claim the ability to do the job. Unfortunately they prove unsatisfactory from a performance perspective and fail to hold the cast iron pipe neatly in place – which creates an unsightly and ineffective solution. On closer investigation you will find that there actually is an amazing bonding agent ready made for the task. A revolutionary new extra strong adhesive used widely in the construction industry is proving its value as a heavy duty vertical application bonding agent and is the perfect adhesive agent for fixing a broken section of cast iron downpipe to a stone wall.

An amazing heavy duty adhesive solves the bonding problem.

An amazing heavy duty adhesive, specifically designed for the Construction Industry, has created a stir across all industries due to its revolutionary attributes that make it stand out from the crowd as the ‘go to’ extra strong adhesive of choice. Power Grab n Bond’s engineered structural bond is astronomically strong whilst being easily applicable. It is proving an unprecedented phenomenon by replacing conventional mechanical fixings to bond materials together and in place. Following years of intensive research and development the Company CT1 has invented, developed and manufactured a revolutionary adhesive that is strong enough for all construction applications. Not only is it proving popular in the building sector but has also gained traction across a range of industries and is increasingly popular among DIY adherents. Its versatility as an all adhesive applications solution has won endorsements from tradespeople in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its reputation as the best of its kind precedes it and it has quickly developed into the ‘go to’ heavy duty adhesive for a huge population of industrial operatives. Power Grab n Bond is solvent free and converts difficult tasks into simple ones. As well as being compatible with most materials it is resistant to heavy impact, vibration and shrinkage and provides attachment without sliding. It replaces drilling and screws saving time and labour, its vertical bonding defying logic.

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