The best way to fix a broken car bonnet catch.

If a car bonnet catch breaks in two pieces it becomes very difficult to operate and due to sharp jagged edges can potentially cut your hand in the process of trying. You could replace the catch with a second hand part or buy a new one. Either solution is not cost efficient which points towards repairing the broken catch so that it works efficiently and safely. There is really only one solution in this situation and that is to glue the broken part back onto the remaining tail of the catch so it becomes operable as a single piece catch again. The question and challenge is can you find a glue that is sufficiently strong and effective to provide a long lasting efficient adhesive solution to reinstating the bonnet catch to its original working condition? In brief – no – there are truly no effective adhesive solutions that represent a practically efficient fix to the problem. At least that was the situation prior to the development of a new revolutionary bonding agent that has since taken the construction industry by storm. This incredibly strong and effective adhesive was the brainchild of CT1 and its highly acclaimed performance has received the accolade of numerous professionals across multiple industries including the Construction, Medical and Food business. It has effectively become universally the go to adhesive product for all bonding application requirements.

An ideal adhesive solution for fixing a broken car bonnet catch

Superfast Plus has grown immeasurably in popularity and use since its inception in the recent past and continues at pace to attract commendation across numerous trades including particularly the Construction Industry which inspired the product’s initial development. It is widely distributed throughout the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe and its prowess as a one component special formulation based on cyanoacrylate is having a positive impact on its popularity as the number one choice of adhesive for professional trades people and technicians. It is now also the go to adhesive for the DIY sector and for domestic use. Its versatility as the top performing adhesive enables it to bond practically any materials with great strength and longevity. To facilitate emergency on the spot repairs, such as the broken car bonnet catch, it is essential to have a bottle of Superfast Plus immediately at your disposal to effect a quick fix. Trades people carry a supply of the product with them at all times so they are never caught short in the event of a sudden unexpected event requiring an adhesive solution. This amazing adhesive is a one component compound consisting mainly of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer that is solvent free. Its formulation makes it resistant to temperature fluctuations and extreme atmospheric conditions and reduces the risk of joint shrinkage or cracking. Its sheer tensile strength actually makes the joint bond stronger than the material itself as has been testified in situations where repaired objects that broke again did not do so along any of the previously bonded parts. An application of Superfast Plus to a broken bonnet catch will provide a permanent repair solution and will return the catch to its original integrity.

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