The best way to attach decorative window shutters to a house.

The best way to attach decorative window shutters to a house is to glue them to the wall adjacent to the window with a tried and tested heavy duty adhesive that has instant grab no slippage and provides a permanent bonding solution. Traditional attachment methods require drilling and screwing which is time consuming and laborious. Trade operatives have long awaited a faster and efficient alternative to the conventional attachment means and their prayers have been answered with the arrival on the market of a new revolutionary industrial style adhesive that is capable of accomplishing any bonding application task. Decorative window shutters are a beautiful cosmetic addition to a house facade and are aesthetically pleasing. They add a soupcon of sophistication that reflect a mediterranean ambience associated with the French or Italian riviera. They need to be attached cleanly with no surface damage caused by nails or screws to create that perfect unblemished symmetry reminiscent of beautifully designed house facades in Italy or France. The question is – does an effective adhesive solution exist to replace the conventional drill and screw attachment method? The answer is thankfully in the affirmative! CT1 an illustrious and dynamic Company have invented a new revolutionary heavy duty adhesive that is equal to all tough adhesion applications and is ideally suitable for bonding window shutters to a wall.

A new efficient solution for heavy duty bonding.

Decorative window shutters that have no real functional application other than to provide a window adornment can be glued to the wall quickly and effectively with a heavy duty adhesive, dispensing with the conventional method of drill and screw attachment technique. Power Grab n Bond from CT1 is the ideal adhesive solution for bonding window shutters to the wall with no visible signs of attachment. It is a clean, fast and easy applicable product that provides the perfect bonding finish with no surface blemishes or marks. You simply apply beads of the adhesive to the back of the shutters and position them on the wall with a little pressure. This amazing adhesive prevents any potential slippage with an immediate strong grab that is ironically flexible allowing manipulation of the shutter in situ if required. It almost seems illogical that an industrial strength bonding agent possesses this property while curing with a vice-like strong grip. Its unique formulation based on the CT1adhesive/sealant, is solvent free and is resistant to vibration, impact and weather extremes. The solution is also water resistant and can grip large slabs of granite or marble in a vertical application with no slippage. Power Grab n Bond can cope with any tough adhesion task as it was designed primarily for heavy construction binding applications.

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