The best way to attach a kitchen splashback

The best way to attach a kitchen splashback is to use an industrial strength adhesive/sealant that sticks and seals with optimal strength and permanent effect. Preferably deploy a product that is specifically designed for the Construction Industry so you can depend on its credentials to fulfil the task effectively. Splashbacks have become a fashionable kitchen accessory in recent times performing a functional as well as cosmetic role in complementing the kitchen design and aesthetic appeal. They come in different materials including solid wood – such as oak, toughened glass, plastic, stainless steel and composite materials providing that eye catching effect that softens the practical application task. They claim to be a hygienic addition in keeping the splashback area clean whilst simultaneously providing a uniformity in appearance that is achieved through using the same material as the work top. Aesthetically pleasing, splashbacks that are carefully fitted with seamless simplicity create a beautiful adjacent complement to the horizontal worktop. Splashbacks do contribute to a warm kitchen ambience and exude a sophisticated image of practicality and embellishment. The important question is – what adhesive product works most efficiently on all types of splashback to provide a seamless, invisible, permanent bonding joint?


A powerful multifunctional adhesive has been developed

When considering the desirable properties of any adhesive, certain credentials become essential for particular applications. It is unusual to find any one bonding agent with a formulation that encompasses a comprehensive set of components that makes it a one stop shop for all bonding applications. That revolutionary adhesive/sealant has arrived on the market. Designed specifically for the Construction Industry, CT1 has had an overwhelming impact on construction workers and industrial operatives alike. It has quickly become the ‘go to’ adhesive/sealant product of choice for an ever increasing number of trades people and DIY adherents who extol its qualities and endorse this bonding solution. The development Company of the same name, CT1, have aptly christened it ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ due to its versatility and effectiveness as an exceptionally strong adhesive that works on practically all materials without compromising any of its excellent adhesive properties. It is the ideal solution for attaching a kitchen splashback cleanly, quickly and efficiently. This ultimate sealing and adhesive product is solvent free and can be spread underwater with no compromise on its bonding integrity. Its chemical formulation and inherent UV resistance ensures that it never cracks, shrinks, expands or disintegrates – you can rest easy knowing your splashback will remain in position whatever the prevailing conditions in the kitchen. It will not be compromised by extreme heat or cold nor by water or moisture retaining its high tensile strength to perform optimally. CT1 is non toxic, odourless and has certification as a food safe, eco compliant bonding and sealing agent.


CT1 Now Available in Wickes!

CT1 have now teamed up with Wickes to offer the full range of 9 CT1 Colours in all Wickes Stores conveniently located throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Visit their website to view a full list of branches closest to you.

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