The best way to adhere lead flashing to a stone chimney.

The best way to adhere lead flashing to a stone chimney is to use a bonding agent that has high tensile strength, retains a certain flexibility, does not tarnish the lead with exposure and provides a permanent bonding solution. You are looking for a product that combines the best qualities of traditional solutions with the latest and most effective technical advancements that add product efficiency and longevity, providing a formula synergy that incorporates the most effective elements of an efficient adhesive/sealant to replaces all other adhesive products. The necessity is to find a solvent free product that will not react with the lead and tolerates  damp or wet conditions without compromising its adhesive strength and effectiveness. It is also helpful if the solution comes in a convenient container and is easily dispensable since working from a pitched roof presents its own difficulties. Historically it was challenging to source a bonding agent that was compatible with stone, particularly damp or saturated stone but that situation has changed dramatically with the development of a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that adheres efficiently in wet conditions and can be applied effectively under water. The dual action of gluing and sealing provides bonded joints that are impervious to water egression and penetration and retain their adhesion quality in all extreme conditions. The arrival of this amazing product on the adhesive market has progressed the whole concept of versatile effective bonding with all materials in extreme exterior conditions.

A revolutionary hybrid polymer to the rescue.

Adhering lead flashing to stone chimneys has just become another simple chore for the revolutionary sealant/adhesive CT1. The brainchild of its eponymous inventor, developer and manufacturer, this magical bonding solution has grown exponentially in popularity over the recent past in the Uk, Ireland, Norway and Spain. That progress did not happen by accident but rather through the unparallelled quality of the product as a multi application solvent free hybrid polymer. The flagship of CT1’s family of very successful adhesive and sealants to the Construction Industry, CT1 has earned the prestigious title of the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ which aptly describes the efficiency and range of this astounding product. Its unique formulation enables it to be spread and used effectively under water or in wet conditions whilst retaining its superb grab and high tensile strength. Another particularly useful quality is its flexibility, allowing material movement without compromising its adhesion and sealing capacity. It does not shrink or erode which adds to its longevity capability and its permanence as an efficient bonding solution is its crowning glory. Its compatibility with both stone and lead enables the operative to apply the adhesive with complete confidence in its ability to provide a safe long lasting bonding solution. Not containing any aggressive substances it is non toxic, odourless, has environmentally friendly credentials and is certified as food safe. Its ever increasing popularity is solely due to the fact that it actually ‘does what it says on the tin’. Heavily endorsed by industrial and business operatives across a huge swathe of industries it has become the de acto ‘go to’ sealant adhesive for practically all bonding applications and that is endorsed further by its consumer popularity in the DIY household and domestic sector.

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