Tanking Showers for Beginners

If you would like try tanking your shower yourself, you will need a waterproof sealant such as WT1 from C-TEC. Tanking showers is a necessary procedure to ensure the life of your shower and the condition of your wet walls. If you don’t take the time to properly prepare the substrate behind the tiles, the chances of cracks and damage to the grout is significantly higher. Incorrect tanking can lead to broken seals and poor waterproofing, which can cause even more problems to arise in the future.

Applying WT1 for tanking provides a protective membrane of waterproof coating that will inhibit moisture from passing through the tiles. This prevents excess water and moisture from effecting sensitive structures and surfaces that may lose strength when exposed to too much water and dampness.

How to Prepare for Tanking

Before you begin tanking your shower, the surface area must be cleaned. An unclean wall usually consists of dirt, dust, grease and oil. Take some time to remove these contaminants before applying your waterproofing sealant. Multisolve from C-TEC is an effective and safe degreaser that removes different kinds of adhesives. Some examples include sealants, silicone, oil, grease, tar, paraffin, wax and printing ink. Spray the solution on the surface and it’ll begin working its way into the substance. Using a gentle detaching motion, the substance lifts and gets ready for treatment. Once this is complete, you will be left with a clean base that is ready for tanking.

Using WT1 For Shower Tanking

WT1 is the greatest advancement in waterproofing technology since, well since ever! This ground-breaking formula repairs cracks and leaks, waterproofs roofs and shower walls and seals so that you no longer have to worry about structures weakening because of excess moisture building up within its composition. WT1 is the number one waterproofing sealant available on the market today. It is the latest product released by C-TEC, the creators of CT1, otherwise known as The Snag List Eliminator.

Whilst CT1 is perfect for repairing leaking gutters and roofs etc. and bonding materials, WT1 is used to waterproof, seal and repair. It acts as the best replacement for bitumen based roof membranes and offers outstanding adhesion abilities to a huge range of “difficult” materials. These include concrete, metals, lead, plastic, stone and brick.

As a new formulated compound that combines the power and strength of polyurethane with polymer, WT1 offers a complete waterproof membrane. This makes it ideal for not only tanking, but for other waterproofing jobs. This includes waterproofing concrete roofs, sloping roofs flat roofs, terraces and balconies etc. Applying WT1 couldn’t be simpler. Spread, brush or spray the product onto the wall and smooth it out. This creates an instant waterproof layer of protection that you can then tile over to ensure full protection.

View this product in action by viewing the WT1 product video above!


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