How to Tank your Shower with WT1

Tanking your shower can be a frustrating and difficult task to achieve. You will need a strong bonding agent, one that is both waterproof and fungal resistant to help fight against mould and bacteria. Tanking your shower is necessary in order to stop water from reaching behind the tiles in your bathroom. When this happens, it can lead to problems with the grout and it can even cause cracks to appear on the surface. Another reason why tanking showers are necessary is when the original silicone seal has been broken or is incomplete. It is important to ensure that the wall and substrate underneath the tiles are 100% water resistant to avoid all of these problems and to do that, you will need a strong waterproof sealant such as C-TEC’s WT1.

Tanking involves coating the wall behind the tiles with a strong waterproof sealant. This sealant has the power to prevent excess moisture from affecting weaker and more vulnerable parts of the structure beneath. If the water is left to build up over time, the overwhelming presence of excess moisture may become too much for the structure, causing it to lose its strength. This can lead to additional problems such as leaks, cracks and fragility.

Preparing the Wall for Tanking

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as removing the tiles and tanking the wall straight after. The job requires some preparation which consists of cleaning the surface to ensure it is free from contaminants such as oil, grease and dust. If old sealant remains behind, pry this apart using a fast-acting solvent such as Multisolve. This is also a professional degreaser, which will safely remove all traces of oil, grease, adhesives and other unwanted substances from the surface. This will prepare the wet-zone area for application.

Tanking Showers with WT1 Sealant

Seal, repair and waterproof your shower walls with WT1, the number one waterproofing sealant. After you have cleaned the area, it’s ready for a coat of WT1 sealant. One of the main reasons why this sealant is the ideal solution for tanking showers is the fact that it will never shrink or crack, which is one of the main purposes of waterproofing your shower walls. This unique formulation combines polymer and polyurethane to create a strong waterproof membrane. It adheres to a range of materials such as lead, metal, stone, brick and concrete.

You can apply WT1 straight from the container. Most people prefer spreading or brushing the product onto the surface, which is definitely the best method for vertical application. However, it is also possible to spray WT1 as required. Once you have finished applying WT1 and it has cured, you can then tile over the surface for the perfect seamless finish.

WT1 – The ultimate shower tanking sealant.


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