Superfast Plus- The Strongest Superglue Avail

Superglues, as they are commonly known, have been around for decades. Superglues chemical make-up is cyanacrylate. This is a derivative of acrylic resin which makes an instant bond when in contact with moisture.
Superglue is the choice for both industrial and domestic users for a multitude of tasks. It’s no accident that Superglue/Cyanacrylate bonds or fuses skin together. This of course, can pose as a serious problem for many users who will need to scrub away with hot water and soap long after the application has been complete. Superglue/Cyanacrylate was developed by the medical industry many decades ago for that exact purpose. The skin, with its many groves of different dimensions, all hold pockets of microscopic portions of water. This provides a perfect condition for instant fusion.

Superglues over the years have become cheaper and cheaper and the rational train of thought is bulk purchase, mass production and general reduction in production costs of Superglue. Sadly, this is not the case for Cyanacrylate/Superglues. Dilution is the real reason. If you were to put 10 different brands of Superglues in a line, each of them varying in price from £1 to £6, it can be tempting to g for the cheapest one without first seeking enough information on the product. You may assume that the easy solution is to just dilute the Superglue with solvents. You can still achieve a bond (very hit and miss), but for how long? Then the solvent in the Superglue will etch and stain the base material.
C-Tec’s Superfast Plus is a Super Superglue contains no dilution of solvents whatsoever. As a result Superfast Plus (in our opinion), that’s echoed by anybody that has used Superfast Plus is the strongest Superglue available on the market. Superfast Plus will create a formidable bond on almost any material. These include materials such as plastics and metals it is advisable to clean the surface with C-Tec’s Multisolve.

When you need Superglue to work every time think SUPERFAST PLUS


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