The Strongest Industrial Sealant and Adhesive

Searching for a strong construction sealant and adhesive can be a difficult quest. There are so many options available and each one claims to be the world’s strongest industrial sealant and adhesive. So, how do you know what properties make a strong and powerful sealant? There are certain aspects of a structural sealant that sets it apart from the rest. Here are a few key features to look out for:

  1. A strong structural sealant should have the power to adhere and form strong bonds to almost all surfaces, even difficult ones such as wood, concrete, steel and glass!
  2. It should refuse to crack or shrink, no matter how much pressure it’s under. This is to ensure that leaks are prevented and there is no air trapped inside the bond that could potentially weaken it’s hold and structure.
  3. A structural sealant used for industrial purposes needs to have extremely high bonding characteristics and form strong unions between all kinds of objects and materials.
  4. A high-quality sealant will be able to withstand heavy movement, making it ideal for applications that require flexibility.
  5. A construction sealant should have high tolerance against U.V. light because a lot of projects will require outdoor applications. A poor quality sealant may not be able to withstand high temperatures and the harsh extremities of the elements. Strong sealants need to be able to withstand all of this without losing the strength of the bond without cracking, deteriorating or shrinking.
CT1 Construction Sealant

The one construction sealant in the world that lives up to all of these expectations and criteria is CT1, the unique hybrid polymer formulation from C-TEC. CT1 contains no harsh chemicals and is food safe. It refuses to shrink or crack, no matter how heavy it rains or how strong the heat may be. CT1 is completely water resistant, which means it works just as well in wet or dry conditions and even works under water. It is the ultimate construction adhesive, with the ability to bond the most difficult materials.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond

However, if you need an adhesive for vertical heavy bonding, Power grab ‘n’ Bond is your answer. This structural sealant and adhesive bonds heavy materials such as stone, brick, concrete, granite and marble. It does not require additional support to help it achieve permanent bonds.

When it comes to finding the strongest structural sealant and adhesive, C-TEC has everything you need. In some cases, you may need to clean and prepare the area before applying new sealant. If this is the case, you will need a high quality degreaser and solvent such as Multisolve. This solvent will help prepare the area for treatment and detach any unwanted adhesives without affecting the base material while doing so. For larger pieces of debris, you may need a blade to help scratch away uneven surfaces. Once cleaned, you are free to go in with your construction sealant to create strong and formidable bonds between materials.

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