Strong Adhesive / Power Grab ‘n’ Bond Adhesive

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond adhesive is a super strong industrial adhesive born out of years of research into chemical bonding. It has been compiled by C-Tec Building Product Specialists and the creators of the famous CT1 The Snag List Eliminator. C-Tec specialise in developing the extraordinary rather than the ordinary adhesives and this is evident when we developed and introduced CT1 unique adhesive and construction sealant into the market, which can bond in wet conditions and even works under water.

The CT1 adhesive and sealant replaced numerous products such as silicone, acrylic, polyester and P.U sealants, as well as epoxy and one component mastic adhesives. The unique CT1 revolutionized the way jobs and projects were carried out. An ideal example of this is the way in which fitters did not have to stop work sealing a conservatory when it started raining. The bond strength of CT1 was incredible compared to the strongest mastics on the market and outperformed all of them in strength, versatility and durability.

The success of the CT1 product spurned us on to develop an adhesive that could provide a phenomenal bond vertically and hence the birth of the powerful adhesive Power Grab ‘n’ Bond.

This incredible adhesive was created using the skeleton of our CT1 sealant/adhesive, that being a hybrid polymer. The consistency of this strong adhesive is much denser than the CT1 version but will yield mind blowing initial bond. For example, take a patio slab with dimensions of 450mm x 450mm weighing 15/16kg, then apply beads of Power Grab ‘n’ Bond on to it and place it straight onto a vertical surface. It may be hard to believe if it weren’t for the fact you’re seeing it with your own eyes as an immediate bond with no sliding and no supports is produced. This super heavy duty adhesive replaces the need for drilling, resulting in less labour time and effort.

This incredible strong adhesive will bond a multitude of different materials such as stone, concrete, metal, plastic and marble. Many trades people are using this strong adhesive for bonding marble instead of drilling and doweling. This incredible adhesive can even be applied when the surface is damp and retains its flexibility.

Certain materials will move due to temperature change. This Power Grab ‘n’ Bond adhesive has really placed epoxies into the museum as the epoxies adhesive have to be mixed and are very slow to cure, in addition they retain no flexibility unlike the Power Grab ‘n’ Bond adhesive which is perfect for mounting post boxes or the heavy cigarette boxes outside buildings where it is difficult to drill granite facades. This strong adhesive is also perfect for bonding “caps” onto piers or heavy mirrors as there is no solvent in Power Grab ‘n’ Bond which will not attack the mirror backing.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond the ultimate strong adhesive!


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