Sticking Tiles to your Bathroom Walls

If you plan on bonding new tiles to the walls of your bathroom, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to start. Here at C-TEC, we’re often asked how to stick tiles to your bathroom walls and we always answer the same – with CT1!

CT1 – Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive

CT1 is definitely the easiest and most effective tool when it comes to bonding tiles. Before CT1 came onto the market, people would turn to silicone sealants and adhesives. The problem with this type of sealant was evident, especially when it would eventually shrink because the included solvents in the silicone would evaporate and leave a weak bond behind in its place. This is definitely not something we wanted to strive for when we created CT1, which is why we made sure that this unique hybrid sealant would contain no traces of solvents in its makeup. Because of this wise decision, CT1 creates a strong bond with tiles that will not shrink or weaken over time. The absence of solvents ensures that the bond created will not shrink or crack.

How to Prepare the Area

Before you begin ruling out your measurements, you need to prepare the surface of the wall for the sealant application. Now, since CT1 works in both wet and dry conditions, there’s no need to wait until the wall is stone dry before you begin to attach the tiles. However, you do need to make sure the area is free from dust and debris that could get in the way of your next work of art. You will need a nice and clean surface area to work with so take away any stubborn debris with a blade and wipe down the area.

You may need to use a solvent and adhesive remover to help hurry the cleaning process along. Multisolve is our special solvent product that removes adhesives, printing ink, wax and sealants. Once the area has been cleaned, you can begin bonding tiles to your bathroom walls using CT1 construction sealant and adhesive. Its flexible nature makes it ideal for positioning tiles on a vertical wall surface. You have time to line the tiles up to ensure accurate positioning.

Unlike two component epoxies, you don’t have to mix anything else with CT1. Its exceptional bonding strength is perfect for sticking tiles on walls. You can also spread this formula as needed without it developing frustrating strings. You can also use CT1 to grout the joint and choose between a range of colours which includes brown, black, white and clear.

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