How to Stick Steel with a Construction Adhesive

Bonding steel to steel requires a powerful construction adhesive. CT1 meets the challenging requirements of bonding steel and other metal based applications for perfect results every time. Whether you need to repair or build, CT1 is the best universal sealant and adhesive for the job. It bonds a range of different metal substrates including copper, aluminium, lead, iron, magnesium and platinum, to name but a few.

Metal Adhesives

There are different types of metal bonding adhesives and most contain large amounts of solvents. This causes a problem when the solvent evaporates and the substance left behind shrinks. This leads to a less powerful bond between the two materials, which can result in breakage and further damage down the line. CT1 provides an excellent bond and seamlessly sticks steel with perfect adhesion.

Traditional metal adhesives are quite dated in both their technology and performance. Bonding steel to steel requires more than just your conventional metal adhesive. Most contain varying levels of oxides which can create a problem as a barrier is formed against the adhesive. This leads to an inadequate bond that is very slow to cure. A lack of flexibility is another common problem traditional adhesives face when bonding materials such as aluminium and lead etc. Fluctuating temperatures and vibrations in the structure can cause a problem for the adhesive, which may not be able to withstand the weather conditions and movement. Two component adhesives cure very hard, which means it has no ability to expand or contract as needed.

The Ultimate Metal Adhesive

CT1 is the most powerful and flexible adhesive on the market. It provides excellent adhesion to a range of materials and works well with other adhesives from C-Tec. When it comes to bonding steel to steel, you need a very strong construction adhesive such as Power Grab ‘n’ Bond. This unique formulated hybrid polymer is very strong with high flexibility and a strength of 28 Kg per Cm2. The strength and flexibility of this adhesive allows it to bond metal without much effort. It creates an instant adhesion and replaces the need for additional fixings such as drilling and bolting etc.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond bonds metal to metal, metal to plastic, metal to brick and metal to wood. It’s a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty and versatile bonding. It reduces labour time by 50% thanks to its rapid curing. One of the best advantages of using Power Grab ‘n’ Bond from C-Tec is the fact that it requires no additional fixings to bond metal and steel. In the beginning of its development, this construction adhesive was created for façade applications. It adheres to the most difficult materials such as granite and marble, providing a strong and durable adhesion for any application.

Stick steel to steel with Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, the ultimate metal adhesive from C-Tec.

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