How to sort out your dog kennel’s leaking roof

A unique solution for sealing water leaks

The old adage – it’s a dog’s life – in no way excuses a laissez faire attitude to your pet’s welfare. Remember that a dog is a man’s best friend and if you endorse that sentiment then in all probability you want the best care and  living conditions for your family pet. You will find through time that your dog will eventually refuse to stay in his kennel if it is subject to rain water pervading a leaking roof. If it’s a child’s pet then you will be reminded very quickly of its inhumane housing accommodation. The best advice is to act quickly and repair the leaking kennel roof at once pre-empting any stress or negativity that might impact the family in relation to their pet dog’s inferior living conditions. There is a simple yet very effective solution to the problem that will relieve pressure from both a practical and psychological perspective – it comes in the form of an efficient sealant adhesive, namely WT1 which will provide a professionally effective sealing quick fix.

Economical to seal the whole kennel

As a dog kennel roof is proportionately much smaller in comparison to other types of roofs it is viable to quickly seal the whole roof with an application of WT1, providing a one off solution that ensures you will not have to revisit the problem ever again. Should the kennel walls show signs of dampness or water egress on the inside you can effect total repairs by sealing  the kennel walls on the outside providing a damp free, dry interior for your dog’s comfort. As a pet lover you will want the most accommodating sleeping conditions for your pet, providing a warm dry environment where they are comfortable, feeling appreciated and loved by their adopted family.

Health Safe and enviro considerations compliant                  

This waterproofed sealant possesses excellent bonding qualities, is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and is free of any noxious ingredients. As an animal friendly product you don’t have to worry about any possible negative effects it might have on your dog’s well being. A reassuring fact about WT1 is its proven effectiveness on large projects where other products have failed and in particular its proven ability to effectively replace all bitumen based membranes with a leak free solution that can repair all problematic roofs. Your family will be so happy to endorse your dry roof solution that they will sing your praises. You may gain all the kudos for the magnificent leak solution that is WT1. No longer will your dog moan all night long or scratch frantically at the back door to draw your attention to his plight – a damp wet home where he refuses to spend a minute longer due to its inhospitable sleeping conditions.

Better wise before the event than regretful after

It is all too easy to get sentimental about the situation but a pet’s happiness can equate to a child’s happiness where a dog is revered and loved as another member of the family. With that thought in mind tread carefully as regards your family pet’s welfare and ensure that their living conditions are maintained in a manner worthy of your children’s expectations. Always have a supply of C Tec’s wonderful sealant at hand to resolve any water leak issues, especially those related to a pet’s sleeping accommodation

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