Solving a leak in your domestic central heating pump with Miracle Seal

It is a cold winter night and your central heating system develops a sudden problem with a leak in your circulation pump. You could foreseeably end up with no heating so what can you do to resolve the problem? The immediate thought is to find a plumber to diagnose the problem and if necessary replace the pump. That can be a difficult situation from two points of view. Firstly it might be completely impossible to find a plumber at such short notice, unless you can access a company in your area that provide a twenty four hour service. Secondly it is very unlikely that any plumber will actually be able to fix the leak in situ as it is normally a workshop job and the likelihood of acquiring a new water pump on the spot is negligible.That means it will be at least the following morning before any effective repairs or pump replacement can be realised.

Meanwhile a family may have to find alternative means of home heating which can be very difficult at short notice. It is not a happy situation for anyone to experience in cold winter conditions and particularly a family with young children. At this juncture when all hope seems to be lost there is an alternative solution which can even prove to be a permanent fix. It is the revolutionary Miracle Seal which is specifically designed and manufactured by C Tec to resolve that very issue. All you have to do to stop the leak is to add a bottle of Miracle Seal  to your heating system header tank and it will do the rest. Its unique fluid  chemical formulation enables it to access all areas no matter how small or seemingly inaccessible, to seal the offending leak and return your water circulation pump to full working capacity with no further issues.

This product is one of a number of sealant/adhesives from C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator that is proving a great success among Builder Suppliers across Europe. It is heavily endorsed by tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike who universally sing its praises as the most effective sealant in the business for the prescribed uses issued by the company. Householders are very grateful for an efficient sealant product that will save them the cost of having to employ a plumber and possibly pay to have their water pump replaced with a new model.

The added bonuses with deploying Miracle Seal is the pump protection it provides against limescale build-up and resultant clogging of the pipes, as well as its ability to prolong the life expectancy of  seals and bearings thanks to the presence of an anti-corrosion additive in the sealant. Miracle Seal is a life line when it comes to leaks in water pumps or any other part of a heating or coolant system.

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