How to Smooth Uneven Concrete with WT1

Uneven concrete can throw off the look of its surroundings. It can also be a danger to the safety of those around it. Accidental falls can occur because of the uneven ground, but this can be easily fixed with the right tools. Uneven concrete is usually due to excess moisture that has seeped into the concrete but there are other factors such as rapid drying of the concrete and lack of control joints etc.

Why Concrete Cracks?

Before we discuss how to smooth an uneven concrete surface, first we must understand why it happens in the first place. Since concrete is a porous material, which means it tends to absorb moisture, it leaves itself open to weakness due to an overwhelming presence of water. If concrete contains too much water in the mix, the strength of the concrete is reduced.

Another major concern is shrinkage. Whenever concrete hardens, it tends to shrink because the excess water has evaporated. Of course, this depends on how much water was added to the mix. If too much water has been added, the more the concrete will shrink, which in turn increases the risk of it cracking. According to research in the area, the general rule of thumb is that concrete slabs can shrink up to half an inch per 100 feet of concrete. This may not sound like much, but it can actually pull a concrete slab apart and even bigger cracks may develop as a result.

Sealing the Crack

In order to even concrete, you need to use a high-quality sealant such as CT1 or WT1. The difference between the two is simple. CT1 is a filler and construction sealant which is used to bond certain materials together to create strong bonds. It is often used in construction to stick materials such as wood, glass, metal and most plastics. However, it is also used as a high-quality filler to repair gutter leaks and even concrete floor slabs. Its thin nozzle makes repairing uneven concrete really simple. There is no need for a caulk gun, which makes CT1 incredibly useful and handy for both the homeowner and professional user.

Your second option is to use WT1 to repair cracks in concrete floor slabs. WT1 is a waterproof sealant that replaces bitumen based roof membranes. It is used to seal, repair and waterproof roofs, concrete floors and in tanking wet walls. Simply spread or brush the solution on the problem area and when it cures, the floor will be protected from future moisture damage.

Both of these products work in union with Multisolve, which is a strong and safe solvent that can be used to clean concrete from dust and debris. This is necessary so that nothing interrupts the sealant from doing its job. You can also use it to help smooth out the sealant after application, but this is more appropriate for use with smaller cracks.


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