Shoe Heel issues – Superfast Plus to the rescue

Experiencing a shoe problem?                                

How many times have you experienced problems with your shoe heels? Very often it can simply be the results of wear and tear where a heel might become dislodged or in the case of ladies stilettos, could be the result of it having got caught between pavers or in a crack in the pavement.  There are different reasons why shoe heels can be damaged but the question remains as to how to make effective repairs. The most immediate solution is to have the repairs carried out by a cobbler or shoe repair business, but that service is not always as fast as you would like or actually may not be available locally. Finding a suitable fix will take time and effort and could prove quite costly, especially as repair costs can sometimes outweigh the value of the shoes. It is a case of which is more economical – repairing the shoes or replacing them with a new pair. These are all factors to be considered when making shoe heel repairs.

A revolutionary repair option     

There is however an instant real alternative in the form of CT1’s Superfast Plus which will glue the heel back on instantly. No need for cobblers when you have a tube of this fast acting glue at your disposal. It takes despair out of the equation and offers an on-the-spot solution. For the fairer sex it is a miraculous product to replace heels that have broken off. The added appeal for those who have been literally left stranded due to a stiletto heel having been completely dislodged, is the ingrained decision to always carry a small tube of this wonder glue in your handbag. If you accept the adage that lightning does not strike twice or more sensibly want to insure against the odds of it doing so, then be sure to have Superfast plus at hand at all times.

The super quality of C Tec Glue                  

You never know when you might have another accident with your stiletto heel and it is better to be safe than sorry. Though the latter is more specifically a female issue, men’s footwear does at times suffer heel dislocation and requires remedial care. Whilst less of a cosmetic issue with men heel loss can have its practical negative effects. The male species will quite happily change to a different pair without much fuss, if they are available. On the other hand the loss of a heel from a shoe that was specifically bought to complement a matching outfit can have dire consequences – short of a nervous breakdown. To have on-the-spot effective repairs would be worth all the tea in China to the fashionista and in all truth would be greatly appreciated by the shoeless male as well. This is where CT1 Superfast Plus comes quickly to the rescue and saves the day. This miraculous glue can make the most timely interventions to prevent both practical and emotional disasters, so it always pays to have it handy – ready to apply when the need arises.

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