Sealing a poorly installed lead collar around a boiler flue with WT1

Poor installation causes problems

Very often poorly installed lead collars around boiler flues can leak causing rainwater to leach through to the internal flue and the boiler itself. The irreparable damage that could conceivably be caused can be avoided with the immediate application of WT1 which seals and waterproofs simultaneously. Not to fix the problem immediately could lead to having to replace the boiler eventually and also the flue which is susceptible to rusting quite quickly if in constant contact with water. Should the amount of water ingress increase considerably there could also be untold damage to the electrics powering the pump and to the electric switches. A leaking lead collar in this situation could incur a lot of expense and inconvenience if equipment has to be replaced. Your home could be without heating for a number of days while new equipment is fitted, which would be a disaster especially in winter conditions.

WT1 is most effective solution

The best solution is a preemptive strike to resolve the problem before serious damage is done. That way you will save a lot of money as well as time and your anxiety levels will remain normal and under control –  as long as you use the tried and tested WT1 waterproofed sealant  to resolve the leakage problem. This miraculous product taken directly from C Tec’s bag of adhesive/sealant tricks – the Snag List Eliminator Inventory – is proving to be the most effective waterproofing sealant available to the Construction industry and DIY trade. As a liquid sealant it can be sprayed or brushed into and around the joint where the lead collar meets the flue providing an effective and lasting seal. It can also be applied to the roof tiles or whatever other roofing material which may also be contributing to the leak problem. One application straight from the tin with no prior preparation or pre-heating is all that is required to effect a solution to the problem.

Beneficial qualities of WT1

This newly formulated compound is revolutionary in its ability to resist chemicals, to produce an extremely strong bonding that does not shrink or crack and to conform to Health and Safety regulations also making it environmentally friendly. Its proven track record is testament to its success in large projects where other products failed. Another very beneficial characteristic of this product is its ability to withstand all weather extremes and movement whilst retaining both its elasticity and bonding strength. Should you wish to colour code your flue with your roof tiles or slates you can apply most paints to the sealant to give you the desired finish. The most important element of this particular repair job is to effect the fix at once.  You need to react the moment you discover the water leak and not procrastinate which can only lead to greater expense and heartbreak.

Fore armed is forewarned

Always have a supply of WT1 to hand to make the necessary repairs at those unannounced moments when leaks first appear. By doing so immediately you can prevent unnecessary financial costs that might otherwise be incurred.

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