Sealants and Adhesives from C-Tec

C-Tec specialises and pioneers the development of new technically advanced sealants and adhesives, primarily for the construction industry. Both have always been used in this sector but the need has increased over the years due to change in design and materials used.

Construction adhesives are normally silicone or acrylic based for sealing joints in panels, window installation and gap filling in roof struts. The acrylic sealant is popular as it can be painted, a big advantage when sealing around windows or doors.

The most popular type of adhesives used in the construction/ building industry is the one component mastics ohms or panel adhesives. These types are used for bonding skirting boards, decorative rails, veneer panels and some polystyrene architrave. They are extremely dated in their technology and have many disadvantages, for example these silicone sealants contain solvents which are not environmentally friendly and have many drawbacks, like shrinkage, lack of bond strength and are not paintable. The adhesives are similar in their disadvantages, slow to cure, lack of strength and non-flexible which is vital in certain adhesives. Both the share a common failing, in that they need clean and perfectly dry surfaces in order for the to work.


As previously stated, C-Tec specialise in the development of new technology advancements in sealants and adhesives. A prime example of this is our unique sealant and construction adhesive CT1, commonly known as “The Snag List Eliminator”, which we created to replace 7/8 different products used by the construction trade with none of the negatives of silicone sealants. The CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer that has absolutely no solvents so therefore it will never shrink, thus solving the age old problem of leaking shower trays or baths. It acts as a filler, sealant and adhesive.

Due to the unique formula of CT1, it is able to seal on a wet surface and still yield an extremely high bond whilst remaining flexible. This unique product is the only product on the market with an E-TAG Approval for bonding and sealing shower and bath panels. It is 100% Eco-Compliant and has an EC1 and EC1 A+ certification.

Power Grab n Bond

In addition to CT1 we have our amazing “Power Grab n Bond”, the heavy duty construction adhesive that is unprecedented in its bonding capacity in vertical applications. “Power Grab n Bond” is based on our CT1 formula but with a huge difference, it’s denser and has an incredible initial bond /grab strength that will give an immediate bond of 28 kg/cm². Imagine a concrete patio slab with dimensions of 300 mm x 300mm depth of 50 mm and weighing 12 kg, applying four beads of “Power Grab n Bond” onto it and being able to place it onto a wall with an immediate fix with absolutely no sliding, incredible but true.

This is only a snippet of the premium products produced by C-Tec. There are many more available should the need arise to bond metal, plastic to plastic bonding, and so on, here at C-Tec we have produced an adhesive that can perform on a multitude of applications. Silicone, acrylic, polyurethane sealants can all be replaced with one sealant – CT1 – THE UNIQUE SEALANT AND CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE! © Copyright.