How to Seal a Tiled Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. If there is a problem with the roof, you probably should get it seen to ASAP. One of the main concerns that many home-owners face today is deciding whether to seal a tiled roof. Whilst it may not be necessary for all homes, many do in fact require their tiled roofs to be sealed and waterproofed to help fight against dampness in the home due to leakages and other roof-related issues.

Why waterproof your roof?

One of the main advantages of sealing a tiles roof is the fact that a good roof membrane will stop water from getting inside hairline cracks. If this happens, there is a serious risk that the water will freeze and crack the cement or tile. This happens because water expands when it freezes and the added pressure becomes too much. Another reason why many home-owners choose to seal their tiled roof is because it helps to prevent rainwater from damaging tile surfaces. Sealing a tiled roof usually adds on a number of years to its life expectancy and often proves itself to be a worthy investment.

The product you want to achieve depends on the magnitude of the task at hand. If you want to seal your roof, it’s best to choose WT1, which acts as a powerful replacement for bitumen based roof membranes. It has excellent adhesion to numerous surfaces, including concrete, brick, lead, metal and stone. With powerful waterproofing technology, WT1 is the world’s number one waterproof membrane. It repairs and seals roofs and remains stable with weather fluctuations. One of its main advantages is the fact that it does not shrink or crack, which means no water will be able to seep into hairline cracks and WT1 will not lose impact or effectiveness over time due to shrinkage. Apply it straight from the container with a brush, spray or spreading motion.

How to Fix Smaller Leaks

If your roof is experiencing smaller leaks,  your best option is to use CT1. It’s the ultimate roof sealant and adhesive. It bonds in wet and dry conditions. This makes it ideal for leakages that require a quick and effective solution to the problem. Simply point the nozzle of the container and apply where needed. CT1 provides instant results and can stop even the most stubborn roof leaks. CT1 refuses to shrink, crag or sag. It is UV resistant and prevents fungal growth, which makes it the perfect solution when it comes to fixing roof leaks.

Whether you need a full roof sealing or partial repair, our C-TEC product range deliver the best quality results. WT1 is compatible with the entire C-TEC adhesive range. This means you can even use both to seal and waterproof your tiled roof as required.

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