How to Seal Shower Walls in a Wet Room Environment with WT1

For those building a wet room as part of a new development or as an extension to an existing home, there is a tried and tested shortcut for sealing and waterproofing the walls around the shower enclosure before attaching tiles to the surface. The solution comes in the form of C Tec’s WT1 water proofed sealant adhesive which when applied will provide a waterproofed area for the attachment of substrates such as wall tiles.

Why choose WT1

The procedure which is much like plastering the area constitutes cleanly measuring it off against the parameters of the shower frame. With the shower tray in place it is necessary to protect it against sealant overspill or staining with an effective protective covering.This sealant adhesive from C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory is now the most respected product of its kind on the market. It is endorsed by multiple European Builder suppliers outlets and is fast becoming the most used DIY product of its kind. The reason for its success is its complete ability to do exactly as it claims whilst complying fully with Health and Safety regulations. Its constituent parts form a compound of polymer and polyurethane which is solvent free and is resistant to chemicals. It has excellent adhesion to most materials including brick, stone, concrete, lead, metal and plastic and creates an instant bond that is formidably strong.

Application of WT1

Anyone with a little plastering experience can effectively apply the compound with a plasterer’s trowel, taking care of course to ensure it is spread evenly and smoothly. The very essence of the product means that it can be applied straight from the tin without any prior preparations of the compound being necessary. Its liquidity being similar to the consistency of wall plaster, WT1 can be trowelled smoothly on to the walls in a fluid similar fashion. Since it is watertight there will be no worries of dampness either entering through or leaching out of the shower walls. Another extremely important characteristic of this product is its conformity to Health and Safety Directives which renders it completely safe in a shower environment where human health and well being might be at stake. The fact that it is solvent free and non toxic are favourable features in such an environment and add to WT1’s attractiveness as both a superb sealant adhesive and a health friendly option.

Effective watertight sealant adhesive

In a wet room situation this product will provide an effective vapour barrier between wall and tile that ensures a dry liner for the tile application and enables the installation of a full room size shower unit if required. In a farmhouse environment such a facility would be indispensable for changing and showering after a day’s work on the land or tending to farm animals. WT1, with its recorded efficiency as a world class waterproofing sealant adhesive would certainly prove an asset under such conditions and would undoubtedly provide the sound basis for a dry damp free shower area.


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