How to Seal a Shower Tray with CT1

Learning how to seal a shower tray and its enclosure is important if you want to avoid problems such as water leaks and excess moisture. Using poor quality silicone sealant is the number one reason why shower’s leak in the first place. That’s why it’s vital that you keep the poor performing sealants at the store and only bring home the best quality sealant to ensure full protection against water leaks and breakage etc. We are going to take a closer look at sealing shower trays and by the end of this article you will be able to seal a shower tray like a pro!

What you’ll Need

Before you begin, you will firstly need a high-quality sealant. We advise that you use CT1, The Snag List Eliminator. CT1 was created to withstand serious amounts of water. In fact, it’s not only 100% waterproof but this remarkable formula works even when submerged underwater. It doesn’t shrink or crack, which is often why other sealants fail at their jobs. In addition to CT1, you will also need extra tools for preparation including paper towels, solvent to remove the old silicone and a blade to pry it apart from the base material.

Preparing the Shower Tray

Before going in with your CT1 cartridge, you need to make sure the area has been cleaned. This involves removing any old sealant that is present. To do this, you need a strong solvent such as MultiSolve. Spray the solution on the silicone sealant and let it set into the substance. In a matter of seconds, Multisolve will get to work and start to detach the old silicone without affecting the material beneath. Once it’s ready, take your blade and carefully scrap away the old sealant. It will remove effortlessly. After that is complete, clean the shower tray and remove any loose debris and dust. Take a damp cloth and give the area a wipe over before drying with a paper towel.

Applying New Sealant

Now that the area is ready for application, take your bottle of CT1 and simply point the nozzle and apply it onto the desired area. CT1 will create a strong bond and stop any traces of moisture and water from seeping in or out of the shower tray. Take your time with this and don’t panic, you have the ultimate tool for sealing in your hands and it will not let you down!

CT1 is 100% odourless, which is something that is very rare in modern-day sealants and adhesives. It is ideal for sealing shower trays because it is waterproof and helps to prevent fungal growth. This is a key component in any shower sealant because bathrooms are, by nature, very wet rooms. It’s not unusual for bathrooms to develop mould on the walls and corners of the room. Thankfully, CT1 helps to prevent this from occurring. It will not shrink, sag or crack and it contains no solvents or isocyanates.

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