How to Seal Materials Under Water?

When it comes to bonding materials or joints underwater, it can be difficult to find a product that can withstand a wet and damp environment. CT1 from C-Tec is a waterproof sealant and adhesive that cures underwater fast. It’s ideal for marine and boating repairs, swimming pools and garden ponds because it’s unique formulation means that it provides a strong and flexible bond underwater.

Sealing a leak underwater was once an impossible task and even if you did find a solution, it would usually only serve as a temporary fix. CT1 is a multi-purpose sealant, adhesive and filler that fixes water leaks in boats, swimming pools, aquariums, ponds, bathtubs, showers, sinks and even submarines. It’s hybrid polymer formulation means that the sealant functions underwater without the need to resurface before application.

You can apply the sealant directly to the problem from the cartridge, which means there’s no unnecessary leg work and you can save both time and money. In addition to this, the bond created with CT1 is very strong and will stand the test of time. It is fungal resistant, which means it will not develop mould over time. Bacterial and fungus growth is avoided, which is one of the best advantages of this strong water sealant. This makes it perfect for use in damp and wet rooms such as a swimming pool’s changing rooms, showers and domestic bathrooms.

Since CT1 was released, it proved itself to be the strongest and most flexible sealant and adhesive in the market. When you form a bond with CT1, you’ll never have to re-visit the same job again. This fantastic water sealant forms the strongest bond possible. It is available in several different colours including white, clear, black and brown. If you can’t find the colour you’re looking for, you can always paint over the sealant after it has cured.

CT1 has unique properties that make it stand out from other water sealants in the market. It forms a long-lasting bond that refuses to shrink or crack. It is also UV resistant, which makes it ideal for exterior use. This multipurpose sealant works in high temperatures and in both wet and dry conditions. If you need to repair a gutter leak, it’s good to have a cartridge of CT1 in your tool box.

C-Tec are always researching and developing new formulas to help fulfil the need for powerful and effective sealants and adhesives. CT1 has replaced several different products on the market as it works as a constructive sealant, adhesive and filler. It also works well with other C-Tec products including Multisolve. This is a solvent used to clean and remove old sealants, adhesives, glues and grease etc.

CT1 – The Underwater sealant and adhesive from C-Tec