How to Seal a Concrete Patio

Patios are beautiful features to any home. They provide an excellent area to set up a garden table and chairs to enjoy the hot weather in the summer, and you can even decorate it with creative lighting during the darker months of winter. Whatever you choose to do with your concrete patio, one aspect remains the same. You MUST seal your concrete patio. This will help to waterproof the area and stop it from developing damages and other unwanted traits as a result of excess moisture being absorbed by the concrete.

Why Seal your Concrete Patio?

Unsealed concrete patios are always going to be vulnerable to moisture. The risk of developing large cracks on the surface of your patio is very real, especially in colder climates. Cracks will develop as a result of water seeping into the concrete or from expanding ice. This occurs when the water that seeped into the concrete pores has frozen from the cold temperatures, turning the water into ice and thus causing the concrete to expand and produce unwanted cracks on the surface. Cracks are not only a tripping hazard, but they also provide even more room for water to absorb into the concrete. In addition to this, excess moisture can lead to the growth of algae and moss.

Tanking with WT1

WT1 is the latest advancement in sealing and waterproofing technology. Before its creation, the existing sealants on the market to seal and waterproof concrete were simply not up the job. This is a brand new formulated compound with a joint polymer and polyurethane union. Before applying WT1, it is advised to make sure that your concrete patio is dry and free from debris. Give it a good going over with the brush to make sure that there are no tiny stones or leaves etc. on the surface. Then simply brush or spread the product on the concrete to provide a 100% waterproof membrane.

You can even spray WT1 onto the surface thanks to the various application options that comes with this diverse product. The unique formulation of polymer and polyurethane makes WT1 the best roof membrane product available. It remains stable despite the fluctuating weather patterns, which means it will protect your roof throughout the year and no matter the weather!

One of the most useful advantages of using WT1 to waterproof concrete patios is its resistance to developing cracks of its own. It will never shrink or crack, no matter how much rain decides to pour down on it! If you would like to see WT1 in action, refer to the incredible video included in the WT1 product description page which you can find right here.

Sealing and waterproofing concrete patios is made easy thanks to WT1, the latest revolutionary sealant to come from C-Tec, the creators of CT1, The Snag List Eliminator.



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