How to salvage your broken bracelet

Do you, like many other jewellery owners, have broken bracelets abandoned in some drawer or piled up in the corner of your jewellery box, consigned to the metaphorical skip of irreparables? If so, have courage, there is a proven solution to your damaged bracelet problem. CT1 have developed an excellent glue that will repair your jewellery instantly in combination with their Superfast Plus Activator product which seals porous materials in preparation for the adhesive application. The total procedure will restore the bracelet to its original beauty and integrity. Superfast Plus can bond most materials including glass, metal, copper, bronze and other alloys which may be used in the jewellery/costume jewellery business. Favourite bracelets, now abandoned due to breakage or other damage, can be restored and worn again as fashion accessories, thanks to Superfast Plus.

Economical, time saving, efficient solution                  

There is little expense in making your own DIY repairs with this adhesive product and it can be done in your own time, dispensing with the time consuming chore of getting some third party to effect the repairs and awaiting the job complete. Having a glue at your disposal that actually does what it promises instils confidence enough for the lay person to undertake DIY salvage work. You do not have to be a jeweller to glue together either bits of metal, stone, glass or other composites to carry out the essential repairs to your broken bracelets. If you are dealing with porous stone or other similar material then it is advised to prepare the surface with Superfast Plus Activator to provide a better bond for the Superfast Plus glue applied subsequently. The most important feature of this miraculous adhesive is its capability to adhere instantly and cure quickly. Iits other laudable characteristics make it a very attractive adhesive option. It is non toxic, colourless, solvent free and is resistant to temperature extremes. As it is safe to handle and enviro friendly it is therefore ideal for DIY repairs which can be carried out in situ with no concern for having to contact third parties for repairs. This not only saves time but money as well.

A thoroughly professional repair that restores integrity

With a little bit of care and attention broken bracelets can be fully restored on a professional level, with no obvious visible signs of repairs having been made. Superfast Plus will glue broken bits whether stone, composite or metal,  efficiently and cleanly in a professional manner worthy of mention. You can restore your own bracelet to its original beautiful condition and enjoy it for years to come as a cherished fashion accessory which you can wear whenever you please. It therefore behoves all interested parties to ensure they always have a supply of CT1 Superfast Plus at hand to undertake immediate bracelet repairs when they undergo breakage or damage. You will never have to experience regret or annoyance again knowing that you have an instant solution to your broken bracelet problem and you can continue to experience a special sense of pride in wearing your once damaged bracelets.

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