How to resolve leaking Tree House Roofs

A reliable fix for a leaking tree house roof

Children who are fortunate enough to have a tree-house in their garden probably cherish it more than most other toys. It is in fact a child’s dream to have a little bolt hole that they can climb into and call their own. Boys and girls alike can enjoy the sense of independence and freedom it represents within the safe confines of their garden. They can play alone or with their siblings and little friends in an environment that resembles the adult world but on a much reduced scale. It can instil a feeling of adventure and fun with an overriding element of controlled safety and well being, as long as due care and attention is paid to the construction and maintenance of the tree-house.  For any roof leaks that may develop WT1 is the repair solution par excellence. This revolutionary sealant will ensure a prolonged life for any tree house with its watertight membrane creation.

A one application compliant sealant

Like all other types of construction on a grander scale roofing can present problems over time. Flat roofs and even pitch and lean to roofs can develop leaks which can be difficult to repair without the proper products. Tree-houses, just like their larger counterparts, can succumb to such problems rendering them redundant as play areas for the children. Those roofed with bitumen based membranes are particularly susceptible to leaks and certain solutions that were available in the past are no longer so due to health and safety requirements. Thankfully WT1 represents the here and now of effective, safe, enviro friendly waterproofed sealants providing efficient repairs, while conforming to all regulatory requirements.

This new formulated compound, the brainchild of C Tec, can waterproof and seal the tree house roof in one application, restoring your children’s favourite play area to its original integrity. Not only can it be applied effectively to the roof but can also be used to seal the walls should they also present a problem with leakage and dampness. This technological breakthrough in waterproofing sealants means that you can make the necessary repairs yourself without having to resort to third party assistance, saving you time and money. It can be sealed on the outside and painted over with practically any proprietary paint, providing the colour finish desired by the children.

Can be painted over in chosen colour to customise finish

Girls may prefer a pink exterior whilst boys can have their preferred finish which keeps everyone happy. Their home from home tree-house can be reinstated within twenty four hours, leaving the WT1 sufficient time to cure, depending on the density of the sealant application. It would be heart-warming to witness the children’s reaction to the restitution of their favourite play area in the garden, particularly in the confidence that WT1 will last as long as the tree-house itself. The joy and happiness that would ensue with a restoration of the freedom and sense of adventure originally experienced by the children with the initial installation of their tree-house, would be most satisfying to behold. Imagine the adulation accompanying the repairs. Whilst you applaud the  many positive characteristics of this revolutionary sealant as the most efficient water-proofed product ever the children will shower you with thanks and appreciation as the greatest parent ever for restoring their favourite play area to its original stability.