How to rescue your favourite mug with the most effective glue

Superfast Plus to the rescue

It can be very vexing when your favourite mug or cup handle becomes dislodged or broken. You can even feel helpless in not having an instant repair solution and can see no further use for the drinking receptacle. However against better judgement and a reluctance to dispose of or discard your cherished mug – due to some emotional attachment – you prevaricate in the hope of finding a remedial solution. The sentimentality may issue from the mug being a treasured gift from a close friend or family member or a memento of some auspicious event, in which case the immediate urge is to reinstate it whatever the cost. Alternatively the mug might simply appeal on the level of it having an attractive logo, portrait or landscape image printed on it, making it an inspirational icon that will always be a cherished item. You definitely will not be disposing of it and will investigate every means of restoring it to its original glory. There are many considerations when seeking an adhesive that will perform the task effectively and safely. For example the first thing is to choose an effective product that you can rely on to glue efficiently. Then you have to ascertain if it is eco friendly and has a health safe endorsement. Finally it should be ideally colourless and not detrimental to either the practical or aesthetic character of the mug. When you find a product that fits that mould then you know that you are on a winner. Thankfully your search for an effective restorative product is now over with the arrival of CT1 Superfast Plus on the Adhesive marketplace.

The perfect adhesive solution to restoring your mug’s integrity     

This colourless glue is guaranteed to provide the perfect bond between the handle and the mug, restoring its original function as a cherished drinking vessel that you refuse to consign to the bin irrespective of its material imperfections. With the glue being environmentally friendly and coming with a clean health endorsement its application will not set off any any health hazard alarms. A careful application of CT1’s Superfast Activator to render the ceramic surface less porous and more receptive to the glue will ensure that Superfast plus will adhere immediately and efficiently giving your mug a new lease of life from  both an aesthetic and practical perspective. Replacing the handle will be a mere trifle with the glue providing an instant cure and bond that will outlast the mug itself. You can then put your favourite mug back on its designated pride of place on the dresser knowing that it can continue to serve its purpose as your favourite drinking receptacle. You credulously embrace hope over despair in finding the perfect antidote to the broken handle and you are ecstatically happy to continue drinking from your favourite mug, its original integrity restored. CT1 Superfast Plus can provide the perfect solution for seamlessly reattaching broken mug handles and breathing new life into your favourite drinking vessel.

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