Repairing leaking lead flashing around chimneys

A solution is at hand       

Lead flashing around chimneys is sometimes the cause of water leak problems. The general consensus suggests that the flashing is not installed properly in the first place which causes the water leach into the roof area below the chimney line. This unfortunately is an age old problem. In many instances when the damage is done, all sorts of diagnosis are made generally leading to one conclusion – badly installed lead flashing. What however has been in short supply is a repair solution, short of pulling down the flashing and starting installation again from scratch. Thankfully a revolutionary cure is now available with the arrival on the market of WT1, a waterproofing sealant that is professionally effective and promises longevity. Used in combination with the unique CT1 sealant it can provide an effective long lasting solution.

Its credentials and reputation precede it

Taken from C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory, this brilliant newly formulated compound has proven its worth on projects large and small, where other products have failed. As a flexible sealant it can withstand movement and extreme weather conditions with no loss of integrity. It is impervious to chemicals and conforms with all Health and Safety directives which makes it the de facto number one sealant adhesive of choice. It has quickly become the construction industry’s favoured sealant and many tradesmen’s cherished mate of choice – they always have a supply at hand to troubleshoot the most pressing and niggling water leak problems. In such situations requiring running repairs a tradesman is not always needed. An experienced DIY practitioner can effectively carry out the necessary repairs, saving the time and expense of hiring a tradesman. Once the problem is identified a DIY enthusiast can accomplish the task with a little application both of his skill and this revolutionary sealant, observing health and safety regulations in the process. The greatest obstacle to DIY work in this instance is climbing ladders and working off scaffolding. Safety First observed, C Tec’s revolutionary sealant will take care of the lead flashing repairs with one application.

Means of application

This popular sealant can be trowelled directly from the tin onto the lead flashing and over the Chimney joint creating a waterproof seal to the whole area around the leak. Its liquidity means that it can be spread quite readily with a trowel, brush or applicator dictated by the size of the area to be covered, providing a smooth joint and surface finish. Lead jointing at the chimney can be renewed with CT1 providing an effective waterproof seal. From an aesthetic perspective WT1 can be painted over with most paints to either colour code the flashing with the wall above or with the tiles and other roofing material. Should the roof be covered in bitumen based roof membrane which presents leakage issues as well, you can effectively apply an overall coat  to the whole roof providing a complete water resistant membrane to the surface. However with the likelihood of most roofs being tiled or slated this issue does not arise. The configurations are limitless as regards the many types of roofing that will benefit from the effective application of C Tec’s miraculous sealant. With its proven track record of doing what it says on the tin, this sealant has become the envy of many similar product manufacturers.

Outperforms other similar products

It is an accepted fact that it outperforms conventional roofing membranes to provide a waterproof seal that can withstand all weather conditions, vibrations and natural movements. Its bond strength makes it the perfect solution for all roofing repairs and the added attraction of being DIY friendly has increased its popularity ten fold. Leaking lead flashing can now be repaired in a flash with WT1.