Repairing A Leaking Roof

Leaking roofs can be a real hassle. House exteriors tend to take on the brunt of the harsh weather and when you live in a country with a temperamental climate, it’s really no surprise that your roof has developed a few leaks during its time. Treating a leaking roof can be done in a number of different ways, but finding a permanent solution to the problem can be a very difficult task. However, that’s why C-TEC have been working on perfecting a formulation that not only tackles the leaking roof problem, but prevents leaks from re-occurring again in the future.

What causes a Leaking Roof?

Natural elements, particularly the wind and rain, are the main causes of a leaking roof. Harsh weather can take its toll on your roof and also your guttering systems. One of the main causes of a leaking roof is age. Your roof has simply become less effective at his job because the materials have weakened over time. Even excess exposure to direct sunlight has an effect on the performance of your roof and can gradually melt the tar holding roof shingles together.

Another cause for a leaking roof could be due to the fact that the slop is simply too shallow. A shallow roof leaves shingles open to the power of the wind, which can lift them up and send rain swooping underneath. If too much debris has accumulated on top of your roof, this could also damage it. Things such as twigs and leaves etc. can gather on the surface of the roof and trap water, which not only stops it from gliding off quickly, but it also adds extra moisture and when this becomes too much, it can cause a leak to form.

How to Repair your Roof Leaks

Fixing a leaking roof doesn’t have to be complicated. For minor leaks, such as gutter leaks, you can simply use a cartridge of CT1 to seal the leak and stop water from seeping through. However, if the leaks are more serious and you need a wider coverage, you should choose WT1. WT1 uses advanced waterproofing technology to repair, waterproof and seal your roof.

As a new formulated compound, WT1 acts as the ultimate replacement for roof membranes that are largely bitumen based. Unlike many other roof sealants, WT1 embodies the perfect union of combined polymer and polyurethane, which grants WT1 with the power to resist water. This means that it can seal roof leaks and stop moisture from getting inside.

Application is simple. You have the choice to either spread, brush or spray the waterproofing solution on the surface of your roof. This is useful when you need to waterproof the entire area to ensure full protection. It addition to this, waterproofing your roof also extends its life whilst improving its basic performance to shield and protect the interior from the harsh extremities of the elements.

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