Repairing Cracks and Holes in Concrete

Finding holes and cracks dispersed on your concrete floor usually requires an immediate fix to prevent the cracks from worsening. There are many reasons why concrete cracks. There may be too much moisture, which has caused the concrete to rebel and crack as a result. Concrete floors are common in most households, especially for use outdoors and in the garage. If you have children, you may be worried about them accidentally tripping over a crack on the ground. If this is the case, it’s best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Using CT1 to repair Cracks

For cracks that you can tackle on a one to one basis, CT1 is the ultimate solution. This construction adhesive is used for sealing and adhering materials together to create a formidable strong bond. CT1 fixes leaks by filling in the crack and preventing moisture from passing through the exterior. It is 100% waterproof and chemical resistant, which means you can use it to not only repair holes and cracks in your concrete floor, but to put a stop to leaking gutters, drains and roofs.

If you have CT1 in the house, you will no longer need an extensive stash of P.U adhesives, acrylic sealants, silicone sealants and wood adhesives. The reason for this is because CT1 makes the rest redundant. CT1 is used in emergency boating repairs and boating maintenance procedures because of its high-water tolerance. It resists moisture and prevents cracks from growing and multiplying.

Waterproofing concrete floors

If you need to repair the entire floor and would like to waterproof the concrete, then WT1 is the sealant for you. WT1 uses expert waterproofing technology to seal, repair and waterproof concrete such as garage floors, terraces, balconies and roofs etc. WT1 can be applied straight from the container, making it a fast-acting solution to repairing concrete cracks and holes. It can be spread, brushed or even sprayed over the concrete surface. This helps prevent excess water from entering the cracks and expanding the problem further.

When water seeps into concrete cracks, it may freeze if the temperature becomes too low. This turns the water into ice, which expands and causes cracks to surface on the exterior. Preventing moisture from entering the concrete is the best way to prevent future cracks from appearing, which is WT1 is the most effective sealant for waterproofing concrete floors.

If you need to waterproof your concrete floor, make sure that the area is clean before application. Remove debris and prepare the surface with a high quality solvent such as Multisolve. Multisolve is a safe and effective degreaser that can remove glue, adhesives, sealants, silicone, wax, oil, grease, tar and printing ink etc. Once you have a clean and smooth surface to work with, it will allow for a smoother application.

WT1 – Waterproofing technology Number One

CT1 – The Snag List Eliminator

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