How to repair a leak in an attic’s coolant system

An effective solution is at your disposal

How many times have artic drivers confronted the dreaded problem of leaks in their coolant systems that caused expensive delays in their road haulage schedules or worse still irreparable mechanical damage to the engine head or block when left unchecked? It is a problem that is neither insurmountable nor costly if the fastest solution available is implemented. There is no necessity to spend fruitless yet expensive time searching for a solution when there is already one available which represents a much cheaper option than having to replace a damaged engine block or head in the event of a leak developing into a serious mechanical problem. The time and cost elements of such a scenario are almost prohibitive considering the high costs of repairing an artic’s engine. The unique sealant referred to is C Tec’s Miracle Seal which is a revolutionary product in terms of sealing capability and long lasting effectiveness.

An immediate effective repair to a water leak problem

The combined qualities of this product, with a new revolutionary chemical formulation, ensures that the end result is consistent with it being the number one sealant on the market. It provides an instant seal to any leaks developing in a haulage lorry’s coolant system ranging from the water pump to the engine block channels to the hoses. Though it might be associated with a quick fix or emergency solution, it has in reality proven to operate more like a permanent repair in both pumps and hoses where leaks were exposed. That is very consoling news especially for long distance hauliers whose lorries may be covering thousands of kilometres on the motorways and national roads of Europe, at times in remote areas where there is no mechanical redress to any form of mechanical malfunction. In the case of problems in the coolant system which result in possible engine overheating and irreparable engine damage there is a huge responsibility on the driver to ensure that their artic never reaches that critical stage of potential engine disaster which could lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage repairs. Miracle Seal can conceivably and effectively save a Haulage Company a lot of expense by providing an alternative water leak repair solution that could be executed on the spot allowing the driver to meet time schedules by continuing safely on their way. Any driver can deploy the Sealant to repair leaks in the system by simply pouring a container of the sealant into the coolant reservoir and allowing it time to circulate around the water concourse, curing as it flows.

Favourable sealant qualities    

Not only does it seal but it possesses additives that help prolong the life of pump seals and bearings whilst also protecting hoses from limescale and consequent clogging. Miracle Seal is compatible with all types of water based coolant so presents no concerns regarding contamination or degradation. Another favourable factor is that this sealant is not affected by anti-freeze and is competently capable of performing in the presence of chemicals so protecting against corrosion throughout the coolant system. It behoves all long distance lorry drivers to ensure they have a constant supply of Miracle Seal on board at all times as an insurance policy in the event of leaks occurring in the tractor’s coolant system.

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