Removing Wax from Base Materials

When candles drip wax onto table surfaces or other materials, it may seem like all hope is lost! The difficulty that comes with successfully cleaning wax is because it has been left to harden, making it very stubborn when you try and tackle the mess that has been left behind! Many people enjoy lighting candles about their home. It can bring a romantic and calming atmosphere into the home, making a room feel and look instantly brighter and more welcoming. However, if left unwatched, candle wax can accidentally tip over the edge of the candle and drip onto the surface base material. If you have your candles on your table, it can be a real nuisance trying to pry it off without leaving residue behind. One of the best ways to successfully clean hardened wax from the base material is to use a safe, effective and gentle solvent.

Multisolve Vs Traditional Solvents

Most solvents on today’s market utilise a burning sensation to help soften the wax, which makes it easier to pry from the surface. Whilst this may sound like a brilliant idea at first, you will notice that this type of solvent will often etch its way into the surface of the table or floor, depending on where the stain has occurred. This can leave additional stains behind, which are even more difficult to deal with than the original problem.

To avoid this, you should choose a solvent that uses a safer method to remove tough stains. Multisolve from C-TEC uses a gentle but thorough detaching motion which works its way into the wax without damaging the base material in the process. This is definitely the more environmentally friendly option and it means you don’t have to worry about the condition of the base material when you use it.

Cleaning Wax

If wax has fallen onto wood and is still quite soft, you may have time to remove it before it leaves a stain. Take an ice cube from the freezer and use it to try and harden the wax. This will make it easier to scrape off but if you find that it isn’t working, or there is too much residue left behind, you can take an aerosol of Multisolve and spray the product directly onto the wax. It will soften up and almost instantly detach itself from the wooden base. Now all you have to do is take a damp cloth and wipe it all away!

Vinyl flooring can be quite difficult to clean when it comes to accidental wax spills. Thankfully, Multisolve works well with vinyl and will not damage the surface of your vinyl flooring during the cleaning process. Using the same method, spray the solvent onto the wax and leave it to set for a few short moments. Then simply scrape away excess wax with a blade or the edge of a ruler.

The ultimate glue and wax remover – Multisolve from C-TEC

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